Pursuing A Bachelor’s Degree At The MIT School Of Vedic Sciences? Read This First!

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October 17, 2017

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The MIT School of Vedic Sciences has been set up with many objectives in mind. These include systematically training the youth into becoming physically tenacious, intellectually sharp, emotionally balanced, spiritually elevated and socially responsible citizens of the future. The founders of this institute state that their purpose in doing so is to assist the all-round welfare and elevation of the society while promoting the true understanding of India’s rich and expansive Vedic knowledge and heritage. The consistent and thorough application of India’s native educational traditions to the modern learning scenarios prevalent in the country is the driving force that propels this institute and all associated with it. Let us learn a little more about some of the major Bachelor’s degree courses offered here:

The B.Sc in Integral Psychology Course:

The BSc in Psychology program at MIT SVS has been designed with only one objective in mind: to train and groom the next generation of holistic counselors, psychotherapists and leadership coaches who are well-equipped with the very best of modern and ancient insights into human behavioral understanding. As psychology is a continually developing field that grows in its knowledge in congruence with the rest of humanity itself, its combination with ancient Vedic understandings of the human mind and nature make it far more potent and usable than it had ever been in known history.

The B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering Program:

This course primarily helps students specialize in the intricate aspects of knowledge engineering. The course assists in a complete understanding of Big Data algorithms and their multifaceted applications with respect to information processing. The course helps revive the many aspects of artificial intelligence wherein systems are able to automatically mimic human intelligence in order to perform tasks which have been hitherto considered impractical or impossible. Wherein, with the use of advanced Vedic knowledge and concepts available to us; the B.Tech in Computer Science course enables students to freely design intelligent human-like interfaces which can be seen as the next step in human evolution.

We hope we have been able to successfully satisfy your curiosities regarding the above mentioned courses at the MIT School of Vedic Sciences. We wish you many delightful learning experiences ahead!

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