“Randi Hai”…a word like curse for a girl

Posted by Ankit D perfect Guryan
October 26, 2017

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Today, I was in my class, a girl come to enquire about the timing and charges. She was wearing a Mini skirt and some of the guys there were started passing comments like “Bhai har Roz Mini skirt me hi aayegi kya? mza aayega fir toh”. For a fraction of second, I was stunned. This is not the first time; I have heard something like this before so many times. You all might have heard these types of comments at least once in your life. This is the mentality of some of the so called educated people of our country. Some of the boys today are full of lust for girls. This is not the end, if a girl and boy are together at a public place; some of you are started staring at them as if they have done something illegal. Some even start judging the character of girl “Randi Hai”. These are the words, which you guys say to every girl now a day. If she is standing with a boy “Randi Hai”, If she has a boyfriend “Randi Hai”, if she is wearing Mini skirt “Randi Hai”, If her Bra straps are visible “Randi Hai”, Bande se breakup or after breakup “Randi Hai”. BC Bandi hi kyon banayi thi jab yhi word dena tha use. If she is not virgin “Randi Hai”, If she wears a backless “Randi Hai”, If she is not accepting your friend request “Randi Hai”, If she goes to home late “ Randi Hai”. This is horrible! Have you guys ever thought carefully what does that shitty word means and how deeply it can impact a girl? No, you didn’t. Is this the modern Generation, we are seeking, where girls get judged for everything and at every point of time. You guys started a girl’s character because she wants to live her life in her own way and this thing provokes you? But please Note that all boys are not that type. The writer of this post is a boy; creator of the post’s pic is a boy.

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