Reality Behind Carbonated Drinks

Posted by Rishabh Nishad
October 2, 2017

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If you are the one who consumes carbonated drinks like coca-cola, PepsiCo etc. Then you definitely need to read this post once.
There are some unknown facts about these companies that you aren’t aware of like-

The factories of these companies exploit the water resources vigorously in the areas they are situated. They create the shortage of drinking water for the localities of that area as it takes around 3.42 litres of fresh water to make 1 lt of drink.
Extracting huge quantity of ground water affects the water table alarmingly in the area. The company depends only on groundwater to run their plants and draws over six lakh litres of water per day. Due to which localities have to walk to other water sources outside their villages to fetch water.

The factories release toxic waste in ground water which make it highly contaminated. The contents of Cadmium are found abnormally high in the water sources, It goes up to 600 percent above the permissible limit. Originally In the ground water the content of Cadmium is not that much. So, there is something which they are using in the raw materials
The little water which is left is undrinkable and when used for bathing it burned the eyes and lead to skin complaints. Aside form these health issues, the depletion of groundwater resources also affected the ability of local residents to raise their crops.

It is very sad situation because of us (the consumers) water is become a problem for the villagers. With there groundwater polluted, they now get their drinking water through pipes, that provide water for only a few hours once in two days, and through tanker lorries which also arrive once in two days. Fifteen tanker-lorries of water are supplied by the government, and 15 more by the company.

Our daily small actions and our ignorance is somewhere destroying someone’s life. We are equally responsible for their loss as the companies are, because we are the one for which those factories are set up.

And if after reading this post you still ignore these things then you definitely are in need of some mental treatment & there is no use of yours being educated and wealthy. It’s all worthless.
And let me tell you I have not consumed or buy a single product of these companies from last one a year & if I can do it so can you. You will not die if you stopped using these things but someone else will die for sure( and they are dying ) if you didn’t stopped using these unhealthy & unethical products.

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