Republic TV Journalist Shweta Kothari resigns after being doubted as Shashi Tharoor’s spy

Posted by Vijay Srinivas
October 13, 2017


Senior correspondent Shweta Kothari resigned from the job at the Republic TV after being allegedly humiliated by her senior colleagues at the work space, stating that the Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami suspects her of being a ‘mole’ planted by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor.

Shweta Kothari on her Facebook account posted that she faced continuous humiliation in the news channel. She was inquired about her financial status on a doubtful note that she might be paid by Shashi Tharoor. Her colleagues were also questioned whether she tried to extract any information.

Shweta alleged that Arnab Goswami was skeptical on her as Shashi Tharoor follows her on twitter.

“On a eventful evening on 30th August 2017, my reporting manager (an editor who I would not like to name) came up to me and said that Arnab Goswami suspects me of being a mole planted by Shashi Tharoor in the organisation, the reason being, Mr Tharoor follows me on Twitter” Shweta wrote on her Facebook timeline.

She also wrote, “It was only in late September when I finally raised it up with Arnab. I narrated the ordeal to him and the fact it has taken a hit on my morale. There was no concrete response”.

She elucidated that “I have never met/contacted/known Mr Tharoor in any capacity”.

She also added that Editor once called her after a sting operation and accused her of flirting with the SHO. She even threatened Shweta to make her conversation public and destroy her career.

In a response to her statement, Shashi Tharoor tweeted “Congratulations on standing up for your own integrity: I don’t employ spies, but I do respect serious journalists.”

Shweta was not the first one to face such issues and there were colleagues who have faced worse than this. She said that “I am confident, I am not the last. Question is-how long before the organization pulls the plug.”

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