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Revitalise the history of india

Posted by Vishal Rajput
October 26, 2017

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In school, a student gets to know that history is the discipline of what has happened in the past. The teacher teaches us we should see history as “what it is” rather “what it is supposed to be”. Many countries try to rewrite history as what they think it is supposed to be, and perhaps the most prominent of them are the countries the emerged out of the two-nation theory: India and Pakistan.

The governments of both the countries have made every attempt to change whatever they perceive to be calumny on the past glories of their nations, with respect to their religious warriors. If we particularly see the case of Pakistan, we cannot be sceptical of their attempts because of their oligarchic form of government and its more inclined nature towards Islam. on contrast, when we see the case with india, we came across the absolute skepticism for the attempts of its government to see the contrasting ideas of its founding laid stone ideas and thoughts, which are inscribed in the preamble of the constitution and also the part of basic structure of the indian constitution, to make this country a secular country. The starting line of the preamble are:
We the people of India solemly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR and REPUBLIC
And this attempt started to erase everything,which makes the people of Hindu community a shame, by the BJP majority led NDA alliance. as a right wing party, BJP does politics on the religious line more precisely on hindu culture and hyper nationalism. With the formation of the government, on the one hand there were stead rise in the communal cases of one religious community over other. Those fundamental groups made severals attack on the spirit of secularism in 2015 dadri mob lynching, jharkhand lynching, alwar lynching, in the name of “cow protection” with the form of violence.
On the other hand, provincial governments and MLAs implicitly started their work to revitalize the past glory and hindu culutre.
One of the incidents reported by a MLA from sardhana consituency, Sangeet som. in his so called historical intellect, he beleives Taj Mahal as a blot on indian culture. the rest of the world think of it as a symbol of love, however he thinks that world is wrong. The prejudice and parochial perception of a responsible politician of the ruling party states that somewhere their is a something going wrong in this nation against it’s spirit.
With his strong commitment that the central and provincial governments are in the nexus to script the new history and will be guranteed change. This is not the only incident to ensure the biasness of the party, but attempt by the ideologues of their patron oranization to revise the academic syllabi and change the admiration of Akbar, shahjahan, and other rulers and instead of them to deen dayal upadhaya, golwalkar and their leaders.
BJP and RSS are not only cautious about the muslims but also of the revolutionary punjabi poet pash. RSS ideologue dinanath batra wants it to be removed from the NCERT books. RSS claims that his poem will radicalized the youth. Organization feels appropiate to indoctrinate what ought to be done. RSS left no option to suppress any critical thinking against them and their policy.
Whenever we go through and get the highlights of these radical poltical stunt, it amazes and reminds us to think again of the “New India” which had already been laid down by the freedom fighters of our independence struggle. It made us to feel a kind of shame on ourselves and our representatives’ rationale that even after 70 years of paasing of our independence we are fighting on whether we should study mughals or not, whether we should have Taj Mahal or not, whether we should forget the Direct Action Day or not.
Whether we could have forgot these ridiculous and lampooned issues to be discussed, we have make sure our forefathers we couldn’t make India a secular, united, sovereign and socialist country unless we raise our voices against those ignominious leaders which do not have the perspicacious insight for the welfare of the country. We are unianimously betraying the sacrifices of all those respected fighters who laid the foundation of a secular and multi cultural india with their bloods. We are disavowing the responsibility of making india more peaceful and secular as it used to be.
We should concurrently make attempts to gild the lilly of India.



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