Science Vs Social life

Posted by Ashish Roshan
October 10, 2017

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What is sustainable development? A development which meets the need of present and also ensures that the resources are used in such a way that the future needs can also be meet.Don’t you think that we are ignoring sustainable development in this era of technology in our personal life and social life ?Are we moving forward in the right direction .Will be able to give the next generation all childhood memories that we had in our childhood?Will kindle or other audio books will be able to recite the stories and have all that affection that our grandparents showered on us through those stories.Will the next generation get to know how interesting it is to play outdoor games like hide and seek ,Lock and Key? Will these artificial intelligence and internet of things ensure that a child innocence remains the same?They will have a life that will be social but virtual .Will they understand how big an occasion it is to go for picnic or a fair?We are moving forward ,we are developing but certain things should be same . Technology is a useful tool and it is ensuring growth,but aren’t we with each passing day is getting into the clutches of technology so badly that after some time we won’t be able to imagine a day without technology and gadgets.I would like to ask a simple question from all of you reading the post ,when was the last time you played antakshiri(a musical game )?Is chatting on facebook or what’s app or listening songs creates the same amount of joy as playing antakshiri?I would like to sum up with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Quote”Science is a good slave but a bad master.So peers don’t let science be your controller and better you decide when to use technology and when to keep it away from you.Our gadgets might be our helping hand but ten years down the lane , ensure it is the memories that we have with friends ,family ,colleagues be our topic of discussion at a gathering not the launch of I phone 35…

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