“shamshan”-graveyard of women’s dreams

Posted by sonia rathore
October 17, 2017

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The sole purpose of this article is to draw a light upon the existing situation of women. Though much facts and data have not been used yet this article reflects how each day millions and millions women live their life with a desire to be recognized and appreciated some day.

How long does it take for a simple girl to dream? few seconds maybe or maybe while she sleeps or maybe while she starts daydreaming. Never mind! because its not really a statement or question to be bothered about. The main question is- How long does it take for a woman to achieve and live those dreams? A year or two, after marriage or possibly it could cost her entire life just to get her dreams fulfilled. Sad yet true. 

In this 21st century and the modern era that we are so proudly dwelling in, is actually an unseen graveyard of a women’s hope, dream and aspirations. True that there are numerous stories, precises and articles of many successful women and the ordeals they have been through before they could walk on the path of success but what about those girls living out in villages? What about those women who had to wipe out their lamps of hope and ambitions. What about those ladies lying in their deathbed waiting for death to come and free them away from the trauma and burden which they had lived from the time they were born. Born to live, born to be burdened with responsibilities.

A woman is a ocean of emotions, thoughts and hopes! she is blessed and endowed with the quality of carrying her generation ahead. Educating women and making her aware of her rights would only help the future generation to be more well educated. True! There are a plenty of rules and norms that have been set up to guide and protect a woman’s modesty but do people actually adhere and follow it. Is a woman really safe among st us in a society? Are women’s dreams actually allowed to be fulfilled and the problems that she is facing are allowed to be voiced out in this so called modern century. Well, I shall leave the readers pondering over the answers to this question and then find the reasons for the same.

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