Social Media exposed Mainstream Media

Posted by redpandachamp
October 20, 2017

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From health point of view staying online for long period of time is hazardous. Kids should go out to play, test their physical endurance and be active. Yes social media is termed as addiction by many researchers. But the only benefit I see in social media is that it connected right wing people across the nations. Almost every nation is fed up of Left wing politicians. They are bored with media doing circus on prime time debates and some self proclaimed intellectuals who concentrate on defending Islam after every terrorist. Common people never got platform to express their platforms but social media especially Twitter gave them opportunity.

Media is self certified fourth pillar of democracy. Constitution never said these jokers make the fourth pillar of state. Everyone has right to speech. The only difference is media channels have camera and their anchor sit in good studios with too much make up.

Media propaganda while covering elections

It was felt by many Indians in 2014 that ruling party Congress will lose elections. There were talks about Narendra Modi all around. News anchors jumped like monkeys in their TV studios labelled Modi as anti-Muslim quoting Gujarat 2002 riots again and again.

The media comfortable forgot how Islamic Jihad killed and kicked out Kashmiri Hindus in 1989-90. There were 2012 Assam riots in which Bangladesh Muslims threatened local Hindus in Assam and West Bengal. Even after 800 years of Islamic rule in India if Muslims are poor then its not fault of any political party. Dressing like Arabs will not help them but media only blamed Modi. I criticized PM Modi several times- when NIT Srinagar students were beaten by Islamic groups and  BJP  not taking any stand on Ram Mandir after winning 2014 elections and still there is no Temple in Ayodhya!

I remember even in 2007 Gujarat assembly  elections Rajdeep Sardesai was only asking about Gujarat riots. We all know courts acquitted Narendra Modi and at a point media realized that this debate is doing reverse polarization of Hindus so they stopped discussing this. I appreciate Indian media that they showed in exit polls that BJP will be largest party and some channels even showed clear cut majority.

I saw US election coverage by International media. It was even funnier. First they said that Trump will not even become candidate. All channels started to make fun of wall and the only argument they had was- Trump is Fascist,Islamophobic. They forgot to see or they deliberately refused to see that even common people have started to hate Islam.

After immigration policies of EU and US even West started to feel the heat. Many Syrian Muslims started entering West. Many African Muslims also took shelter. It was clear that most of them were terrorists as refugees from Syria rarely had children or women!

People on social media supported Modi. Right wing thinkers gained popularity on Twitter. If you are not in closed group then Facebook puts severe restrictions on you. There were many posts by right wing thinkers that present Congress regime in India is anti Hindu. Subsidy for Hajj is given but tax on Hindu pilgrimage of Amarnath Yatra. Corruption data of Congress Govt was floating on twitter trends.

Similarly in West the rapes in European nations and right wing activist like Tommy Robinson attacked the double standards of media. Many followed him and all around the world Left wing leaders were trolled.

The liberal nightmare worsened when Trump won the elections. Despite their negative campaigning he won. Maybe wall suggested by Trump is costly but its not costlier than the National Security. Many Indian politicians refrained from attacking media directly but Trump said that media is the most corrupt institution!

People sidelined the media analysis. Many tweeted about building wall and keeping Mexicans out radical Islam out. When media discuss immigration they must keep in mind how more than 20 million illegal Bangladesh Muslims created law and order problems. Bombs are manufactured in border states.

Every channel said that Trump will lose. Newspapers like Newyork Times were pretty sure about that. Twitter population in bulk supported Trump at last he won Twitter was right mainstream media circus was wrong. Media should never under-estimate social media. Favoring Muslims in comfortable studios will wont help in knowing reality which people face on ground.

According to media Hillary was always the winner

Media hypocrisy even on small events

Crimes are bad for society. But some specific cases are picked up by media and they do they start their agenda.

Ink thrown at Rashid Engineer became symbol of Intolerance for Indian media. All media houses started favoring him said that India is very intolerant. Again social media came to the rescue. Journalist were planning to make this event as symbol of Intolerance.

But suddenly tweets started coming that when Ink was thrown at Baba Ramdev at that time media was sleeping.

Media was sympathetic for ink attack when the victim was Rashid Engineer. They forgot the blood of thousands of Kashmiri Hindus who were victims of Islamic Jihads.

Ink thrown at Muslim MLA is more valuable than Hindu blood for pro-Islamic media!

Ink on Baba Ramdev.

Dadri Issue-

On Dadri Issue even some foreign channels started saying that India is intolerant. Man named Akhlaiq was beaten to death by some men. Media projected this event as Hindu Terrorism and Intolerant Award Wapsi gang was active and started returning their awards. Well people came to know that they got awards in past only when they returned it.

But Prashant Poojary in Karnataka who was killed by Muslim men for saving cow was not labelled as Islamic terror by super secular media!

Many twitter and Facebook accounts started trolling Award Wapsi gang. Moreover they never returned Awards when Tarek Fatah was attacked by Islamic goons. The tweets which exposed Award Wapsi gang were really funny.

Social media also tweeted a lot when Muslim mob in Malda (West Bengal) attacked police vans and threatened local Hindu minority. Many social media accounts started saying that media did not find Intolerance when police stations were burnt and Muslim mob wanted to behead Kamlesh Tiwari because he made remarks against Muhammad.

Pic taken from a tweet.

We all know JNU incident and how Kanhaiya Kumar was made Hero. Gurmehar Kaur who wanted extra bit of peace between India and Pakistan. She forgot that since 1947 Pakistan is our enemy and India cannot tolerate it further. We faced wars proxy terror attacks and what not. But she was trolled in a Grand style on social media. Even media people felt frustrated.

Mainstream Media hardly covers Important events

I have seen some good Facebook and Twitter accounts which post Unknown facts some Historical events review on foreign policy etc. But News channels are not interested in such things!

They are not interested in telling about Centrally Sponsored Schemes.They will not tell about UNCITRAL (Legal body of UN). India is founding member of this organization and re-elected for 6 years. Russia-China-Pakistan triangle is threat to India’s security and Indian Govt therefore started making close relationship with Afghanistan and Japan. But media will not discuss these issues. They do not care about National Security or Development policies of India. They will not use their brains in discussing issues of Border safety and Make in India initiatives. There were many Apps launched by Govt of India but media only showed BHIM app.

What media discuss it-

Statements of different politicians.

Why no Muslim candidate by BJP in election?

Why SP and Congress are together in UP elections?

Random stories of crime

India is now a racist country.

Media must realize that even Indians are attacked on foreign land and because of one incident saying that whole India has become apartheid is wrong! However even after thousand of terrorist attacks Islam is religion of peace.

Concluding remarks

Left ideology has occupied media and some educational institutions like JNU. By hiding facts and speaking half-truths media hide the true story. Earlier people believed them because their was no social media. Now true pics and videos goes viral. I agree that there are many accounts which are affiliated to political parties. But everyone gets fair chance to speak their mind in this modern era and people can contradict each other and they do so every time!

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