Studying in Abroad..Perspective Changes Everything!

Posted by Debasmita Chatterjee
October 28, 2017



Studying in Abroad means a story flashes to our mind! It is the story of privileged class. Only a few Indian can afford the amount. Though right now, the picture gets changed; yet how much Indian become able to move for studying abroad? It is the problematic conception of our nation that we think only about the problem, never we think about the solution.

Let’s look at the real picture of India. One of my acquaintance decided to move abroad to pursue her medical dream. Why did she move there? It is never because her dream for a global career and MBBS in abroad was never her priority, but one option. She simply has the three options in front of her. One is Government Medical College which is very difficult to get; the second option is private medical colleges which costs very high and now thank God the donation culture system was completely changed. But it also demands the high merit list of NEET 2 entrance exam. Only one option remained there and that was overseas Indian Education, and she first got a U.S medical college. This college is beyond of her budget and he needed to give MCAT test to be an admitted student in that university.

Now, this girl has admitted the one renowned medical university of Caribbean Island within an affordable budget. Caribbean Island is famous for scenic beauty, but for that decision, she needed to bear a lot. Now it is all set- in fact, more than ‘set.’ Apart from her knowledge, She is achieving something which was beyond to her imagination earlier and unfortunately, we Indians can’t learn to think about the actual benefit to studying in abroad. Yet at that time, traveling is either a luxury or some ” NOMAD’ things to us.

Though Caribbean Island or any place has eye-pleasing beauty but study MD in abroad is not at all a Luxury and Travel is not just a dream. It is an ingredient of life. Travel is important because, at one night, we all realize that we got died if there were no simple thing in our life, no forest, no sound of a river, and the sweet chicks of birds, no twinkling of stars, no happiness, and sorrow of your friends. Let sorrow comes, and soul bloom knowing the sadness. It’s like the childhood reading- the magician who can convert anything to gold. Still, he wears torn pieces of cloth, roams city to city, talks with none, everyone ignores him, yet he can convert anything to gold; and he did so through the free spirit of nature. Today does anyone get the pleasure when they see the moonlight is trembling when it falls directly on the long leaves of coconut trees? Does anyone realize that their dream takes a birthplace within the lap of nature? Does anyone ask none but Nature ‘Give me the power; to walk, ahead, roam, see how the plant gives birth its heavy fruit and then how the fruit falls into the soil one day to give birth multiple plants, hear how the birds are chit chatting, observe how the cat sleeps and how it wakes up and unknowingly complete life circle and within all; life and nature is completing their work through all abundance.’’?

Maybe, that is the thing calls experience. Have you ever earned this to sit at home and to criticise newspaper?

Travel…there are lots to see..!

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