Posted by Mansi Guher
October 5, 2017

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Is it that easy? I’m thinking
Or you are so audacious
Maybe your life is just sinking
I hope you are conscious
Of what you are doing
Destroying it and ending
When you could just thank him
For what you got as a reward 
For all your good deeds
Even if the bad ones,
You can crucify your sins
But this is not the way
This light is going to dim

When you think of it
Just think of the sun,
It delivers the rays
Exploring and making a way
Through your heart and hit
Just right to the epicardium
And keeps us alive
Think about the smell 
Of feather like cotton soft
Flowers, which keeps the aroma alive
In our souls to be ourselves

Think of your people
Your world & your pet
Or your toothbrush
Yes, that’s the thing
Which you do not share
How will it feel?
When it will be left alone
All dry, waiting for you
To put the paste on it
And roll it in your lively gums
So they shine fine,
When you smile wide

Think of your clothes
How will they feel?
When your warm fleshy skin
Will not embrace them
When they will be lying
In the corner of your cupboard
Waiting for you, covered with 
All the dusty dust and thirst
For you to touch you & feel you

Yes, think of every damn thing
Not only persons but ‘thing’
Find a reason, stupid or valid
But a reason to stay
Think of the possibilities
Your goals, your achievements
Your failures, but improvements
Your mistakes, but learning
Your bad habits, but good adoptions
Just to understand that,
Suicide is not an option

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