Supreme Court,Anthem & Patriotism!

Posted by Garvit Bhirani
October 25, 2017

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Patriotism is not proven,it comes automatically!

Respect is an eternal for national anthem but why subjugation?

Apex court ordered on 30th Nov,16 that citizens need to stand in cinema halls when national anthem starts.Now,In October,2017 Supreme court itself says,”No need to prove patriotism by standing in cinema halls and is not on our sleeves”.SC has fully given this issue in the hands of central Government for some tweaks in this order and Central Government needs to tell to SC on 9thJan,18.

Kind students sing in their respective schools in their assembly,there the feel automatically comes.Moreover,Patriotism-Freedom=Kills feel.

Feeling of patriotism is definitely instilled in young students and even in adults.

Independence and Republic day also mark the crucial endorsement of patriotism.

This is apparently a subjugation which is not needed at all.

Well,Do we need to PROVE our patriotism by standing in cinema halls on national anthem?Are we really indolent that we need a LAW by SC on it?

Sing from your heart,not from the law/power ruling autonomous body SC.

Perhaps,Arguments for not proving patriotism has jolted SC for its latest order!

Moreover,an Instagram poll was done and the verdict comes indeed!




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