Take Depression as an opportunity…!

Posted by Divya Gupta
October 18, 2017

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Are you depressed? Have you lost interest in life and living it as a burden? Do you always feel sad and uneasy? Do you find it difficult to stabilize your mind on any single work and facing continuous failures?

In today’s scenario, depression has become a very common problem as if like a common cold. Every 2 out of 5 people are depressed losing interest in even those activities which used to be their passion earlier. From a senior citizen to a teenager no one is saved from its clutches. In fact, depression is the main reason for many fatal diseases which are not able to be cured even after giving proper treatment.

And the bad news is there is no medicine which can cure depression even those antidepressants are so harmful with numerous side effects on one’s body making him or her dependent on them throughout their whole life.

Well, I am not writing this article to make you people more depressed. Here my main focus is just to motivate you all that please take your depression as an opportunity. An opportunity to lead a changed, more focused, and a much better life. A life which has a goal, a very strong reason to MOVE ON…!!


I know all these stuff might seem to be very easy and pleasurable to read but is difficult, in fact very difficult to implement. But trust me it’s just difficult, not impossible.

Just you need to remember always that “All happens for good” and therefore “Never Give Up”…..!

As I have already said that there is no medicine for depression but YOGA and MEDITATION are like a boon for a depressed person. They not only cure depression but also relieves him from all those fears, restrictions that caged him earlier. Through Yoga and meditation, a person’s self-confidence is boosted and he is able to connect with his inner self and therefore can realize the REAL GOAL of his life.

YOGA gives you the perfect opportunity to find out who you are…!!

All that I have written above is just not the theory but is my practical experience. Due to some unexpected failures in my life even I had faced depression for almost two years which turned me towards Yoga and meditation and ultimately my interest got deepen due to this wonderful experience.

Here are my few tips to get relief from Depression:

  1. Practice Yoga and meditation: A depressed person is always surrounded by numerous thoughts, negativity, fear, restrictions, stress due to which he/she is not able to focus on a single thing. When you will practice Meditation your mind will automatically calm down, relax giving birth to some positive and fruitful thoughts.
  2. Become a Problem solver : You can write down your thoughts on a piece of paper or even you can start writing articles or a book on a particular problem that you have been facing along with the solutions which you found helpful to get relief from that problem and who knows your solutions might help someone who is also suffering from the same problem.
  3. Set a Long Term Goal: Even you can analyze yourself daily, weekly, monthly.
  4. Reading Spiritual Books: Spiritual books are the most helpful medicine after Yoga nad meditation and help you to answer many of those questions which were once the reason of many of your restless nights. Have a glance of the Spiritual World.
  5. Make some Idol and stay inspired and motivated: Any successful person could be your idol and keep following his/her lifestyle and stay motivated always.

I would like to make it clear that all successful people have faced depression in their lives.But what made them successful and different from others is their strong willpower to BE SUCCESSFUL and therefore they took depression as an opportunity and came out with something more positive and fruitful from it.

As Happiness and Pain are complementary and are part of life. All you need to do is to keep flowing like the river. Remember “Each moment is a fresh beginning.”

Turn your Depression into an opportunity and emerge out as shining star with the help of yoga and meditation. All those people who have conquered depression are leading a happy, contended and satisfied life which is the actual goal of life. The successful person in real terms is the one who has learned to balance his health, family, friends and career properly.Yoga will help you balance all these.


Life is too short to waste time on depression. Just live each moment.

No one will like you if you will not like yourself….!!!

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