The guilt of acting cool

Posted by ashley bedi
October 21, 2017

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In the name of love

You start talking to a stranger, you start with conversations. Spending time, going out is the next step. You can’t stop thinking about him. You are acting cool. You tell him that you are not looking for commitment, for permanent things. Does that make you look smart, does that prove you are cool?

Eventually you start falling for him, or is it just the attachment?  The thought, the you want him actually or it’s just the phase. The initial period of talking for hours and hours is fading away…you don’t know what is this feeling of void? He is also not looking for anything long term and you were okay with it “Initially” Then why are you now so irritated when he is diverting all the attention to the other women. You don’t want to show him that you need him. Slowly, you become the other women. And you are back to square one.


Where would you stop? How long will this go on? How many first episodes? How many new characters?




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