The horrific story of our system and a helpless brother

Posted by Spandan Samanta
October 20, 2017

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27.09.2017, 4p.m: The 17-year-old was in the shower when she looked up at the ceiling. To her utter surprise, she saw three men up in the tree beside the house, peeking through the open ceiling, and taking pictures via a mobile phone.

Shocked and humiliated, she immediately went out and described the incident to her family. Her parents and elder siblings decided to go to their neighbour’s place to complain. All they had intended to do was to protest against this horrific act. Was THIS their grave mistake?

Even before they could step out of the house, 8 to 10 men suddenly appeared at their doorstep with handheld weapons. Even before the family could speak out a word of protest, they started destroying their property and dragged the girl and her youngest sister (13) to a room and locked it from the inside.

While the two sisters were desperately crying for help, their family couldn’t just remain calm! The brother somehow managed to break the door open, only to find her young sister in tattered clothes, her face swollen and covered in blood after being struck by a rod. One of the responsible culprits was still aiming a weapon at her head. Before he could strike, the brother managed to get his hand in between right in time to take the hit. Even before he could cry out of pain, another animal struck her sister’s head with a weapon and the girl fainted instantly.

On regaining consciousness, the brother saw her youngest sister lying unconscious, her clothes tattered and covered in blood. Her head had a 5-inch deep wound, and the other sister lay there, crying out in pain. There are no words to express what the parents must have felt on seeing their beloved children in this state! The brother somehow managed to get up and they took the two wounded sisters to the nearest hospital.

However, this wasn’t the end of their nightmare.

The family begged the passerbys for escorting them to the hospital safely, but no one paid attention. To them, the brother was a circus clown who was creating a scene in the middle of the road, an object of mere entertainment! While the brother frantically begged every passerby for help, people looked at them and their blood-stained clothes with disgust, maintaining as much distance as possible. They were content with living their self-centred lives; to them, their “dignity” and clean clothes mattered much more than the lives of a few innocent people.

Somehow, they managed to reach the hospital. On waiting for about 15 minutes, a nurse came and informed them that the doctor wasn’t available. She just handed them a bandage roll and asked to keep the wound covered with it. What an aid for two near-death victims! The head of the family, the helpless father, managed to take the wounded children on his scooter and reach the police station. When the police was requested to escort them to a larger hospital and help in getting the necessary treatment, they replied – “Why don’t you walk the distance?” Right, as if the life-and-death situation was just another matter of joke for them! After a lot of effort, the father managed to hire a car and took them – first to Kharagpur Sub Division Hospital, and then to Midnapur Medical College. The condition of the youngest sister kept on deteriorating, and doctors advised them to get admitted in P.G. Hospital (S.S.K.M), Kolkata.
During the incident, a neighbour lady came to help the family. She was brutally beaten up by the culprits and later admitted to the hospital as well. Apart from her, no other person cared to aid the family in time of need.

During the incident, a neighbour lady came to help the family. She was brutally beaten up by the culprits and later admitted to the hospital as well. Apart from her, no other person cared to aid the family in time of need.

3 days have passed since the brother and her youngest sister have returned home. Although most of them have now fully recovered, the family has suffered a huge blow – emotionally and financially.
After lodging an F.I.R. to the police, 8 people have been arrested. However, the family has been constantly receiving threats. Staying in their own home has now become a risk. The role of the police in addressing these threats is doubtful as well – 7 days have passed since these threats begun, and the police are yet to take any steps. Which leads to a possible assumption that there might be some political influence working in background in favour of the culprits, because of which the police have chosen to stay silent.
What you just read wasn’t just another story. It was a TRUE incident narrated by the brother himself, who suffered multiple wounds in attempts to save his siblings. All these years, we used to sip our morning tea and read about such ugly incidents happening in our society. It seemed that such stories always contained some flavour of exaggeration. Now that the first hand experience of a person from our very own college has proven us wrong, there rises a question – Is this really the civilized society we live in? Is this really the character of the society we are so proud of? If so, then please pardon us, for we shall choose to remain uncivilized and retain our humanity.
Parameswar , you are not alone. It is a shame on us, on the society, for what happened to your family. We pray that justice is served. We pray that you and your family recover soon.
It’s a request to the readers – please just don’t give sad or angry reacts to this post. This incident could might as well happen to our family someday. It is our responsibility to SHARE this post as much as we can and spread the true essence of “Modern India” in the limelight.
Name – Parameswar Das [ ]

Father’s name- Anadi Das,
Sisters – Puja Das,Purnima Das,
Address – vill: Khajra, p.o- Kushgeria,
P.S.- Keshiary , West Midnapur, West Bengal, 721133

UPDATE as on 20.10.2017

One of the leading news paper of West Bengal (Ei Samay) has published this story on the first page. Then, 24 Ghonta and ETV News media stuffs have gone to their house. But The main challenging part is, Though the Culprits are arrested by the police, but their associates are threatening daily to burn them alive this time. [ Ei samay News Link (Bengali language) – ]

But I must say, this is not only for West Bengal but also for Whole India. There are almost same situations around every corner of Rural India. The story is same over all places, sometimes the Girls have been raped, then our Biased media rushes to there to cover a story. #Acche_Din Indeed.


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