The pile of emotions

Posted by Pooja pawar
October 9, 2017

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It’s raining.

Not just water pouring the potholes,

Also emotions pouring in the back of your mind, back of my mind.

Why do we need these things to pluck the cords of our heart once again?

That one song you would listen to, reminding how you felt for your first love, when she would walk past you ruffling her hair through that same lane and you stayed there for a mere exchange of glance?

And why does that girl in the corner need to accidentally encounter that old bracelet her best friend gave her to ponder again how nice it was when they were together?

What about this old woman, caught  smiling grimly on her own while looking at those two people in love, maybe reminiscing her husband that passed away last year?

Why do we really need to run, chasing more and more?

Forgetting or moving on?

Can we not become something for which we call ourselves human?

Not running but reading the pace we are running with.

And reading the heap of emotions left unseen and unheard for over the months or for years now.


Heena pawar


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