The Real Swag!

Posted by Shubham Jha
October 11, 2017

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There are many English words which I find very catchy. For example word Swag. But I think the real people with Swag were those from whom we would have least expected to be Swagger. For example

1. John Eliya he is according to me the Mount Everest of Swag. जो देखता हूँ वहीं बोलने का आदी हूँ मैं अपने मोहल्ले का सबसे बड़ा फ़सादी हूँ।
See the swag of person he is saying that he is the most disputed person of his area and the reason he is giving is that he only tells what he sees. No buttering. This is Thug Life.

2.Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan I don’t know if you people have seen any video of Nusrat Sahab the way he sings his action and his voice texture are like the most Sswaggiest. When he used to sing at that time he only sings nothing else. He was least concerned about what was going around him. For example the level of his Swag can be understood by this couplet जाने वाले हमारी महफ़िल से चाँद तारों को साथ लेता जा हम खिज़ा से निबाह कर लेंगे तू बहारों को साथ लेता जा अच्छी सूरत को संवारने की ज़रूरत क्या हैं सादगी में भी कयामत की अदा होती हैं तुम जो आ जाते हो मस्जिद में अदा करने नमाज़ तुमको मालूम हैं कितनों की क़ज़ा होती हैं।
See the level of Swag in this he is saying I don’t care if you are going to take everything I will still be like this without anything. You don’t need any makeup seeing you like is like seeing Allah and doing the Namaz. See the Thug life.

3.Gulam Ali Another person filled with Swag See this बड़े वसूक से दुनिया फ़रेब देती हैं बड़े ख़लूस से हम ऐतबार करते हैं। 
He knows he is being cheated but it’s the level of Thug life that still he is getting cheated. Even Honey Singh and Badshah are nowhere near the level of Swag of Gulam Ali.

4. Ahmad Faraz for me he is the one who can’t be compiled in The word Swag he can’t be adjusted in this 4 letter word. The level of Swag is on another level of Faraz Sahab. For example his quote. “नज़रों से ना दूर हो दिल से उतर जाएगा वक़्त का क्या हैं गुज़रता हैं गुज़रता ही चला जाएगा।” I don’t care about time. Yeah, the Swaggiest line.

5.Shubham Jha, I think I am also a person filled with Swag. You people can see the level of my Swag I have imagined the least Swaggiest people and researched about how they have a more Swaggiest life than those who we see now. This is my Swag.

And the last it’s not any person but an institution. The Supreme Court in today’s time no one has more Swag than Our Supreme Court. It’s the living example of Thug life. And it’s recent judgement of Banning Triple Talaq and Firecracker Show’s the Thug life of Supreme Court.

Special Credit to Snoop Dog.

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