The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Electric Violin

Posted by Charlie Brown
October 10, 2017

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Music is medicine to the soul, at least many people agree on that. Good music has a calming effect and sweeps away the greatest of worries. Actually, music forms part of many clinical therapies worldwide. However, not all forms of music uplift the soul. Even more, people have varying preferences when it comes to music. While some would go for hard rock every day, others would rather listen to soft music. For the lovers of classical music, a beautiful, delicate orchestral instrument marks the centre of this genre. What is it? Your guess is as good as mine; the violin!

Different people have described the violin in several ways. For some, it is that sleek, soothing instrument. To others yet, it is the rock and roll musical instrument. Either way, it is agreeable that choosing the best electric violin that meets your needs goes beyond looks. While you might want something fancy and visually irresistible, the best violins are not necessarily the fanciest. To be on the safer side, you need a complete guide before you select an electric violin. So, what should guide you in the selection?

  • Price – What is your budget? Most electric violins are in the range of $100-$1000. The budget can go slightly higher depending on the model. For someone who requires an entry-level violin, you do not have to spend unnecessarily. However, someone who is in need of a high-end electric violin might be forced to dig deeper into their pockets.
  • Sound control – You do not have to disturb the neighbourhood every time you are playing the violin. Silent violin is a term commonly used to refer to a violin that does not produce high sounds unless it is plugged in. Good electric violins present you with wider sound control options. For instance, you can use headphones and this way, you will be the only person enjoying the ensuing musical sounds. Other electric violins even come with built-in preamps, giving you even better sound control. At the end of the day, one has to assess the level of sound control he requires.
  • Level of complexity – Electric violins come in varied categories such as student, intermediate and professional. Others are referred to as advanced or masters. It is worth noting that these are not universal terms as far as categories of violins are concerned. Both luthiers and manufactures have their own way of referring to electric violins. So, while you might want a student violin, it is ideal that you have the specifications in mind.

Top Electric Violins for You

Having considered several aspects of a good violin, it would be great to narrow down to specific electric violins.

Barcus Berry BAR-AEG

For those seeking a violin that would amplify the classical sound of the traditional violin, this would be the best pick. Although it comes with a substantive price tag compared to most entry-level violins, it offers amazing acoustic electric performance. It is a special Romanian make with a hand-carved top. The hypersensitive strings and the fine ebony fittings further justify the price and worth of this violin. The violin is available in five different colours for those who might want something that perfectly suits their taste. Someone who understands and appreciates violins would easily tell you that this is a top-of-the-line musical instrument.

Yamaha SV 130BL

Pricewise, this is the most expensive in the list. Is there sufficient justification for this? There must be. With this electric violin, one is able to connect to an MD or CD player, making it possible for you to play along with your preferred recording. The neck is engraved out of maple wood with the pegs and fingerboards made of ebony. The rest of the body is spruce. If you want a sophisticated violin ideal for concerts, you have one right here! You can also take advantage of it for recording or simple home practising.

Cecilo 4/4Cevin 1BK

Electric violins are not for experts only. That explains the existence of beginner violins. For those who are used to enjoying classical music on the traditional violin and would like to try something new, this classical instrument provides a perfect start. The body is solid maple, specially hand-carved. Other parts like the chin rest, fingerboard pegs and tailpiece are ebony. This violin comes with:

  • Alkaline battery-9 volts
  • Aux cable
  • Rosin cake
  • Headphones
  • Brazil wood bow

If you are looking forward to saving big bucks during your elementary interactions with an electric violin, this would be a wise choice of musical instrument for you. Later, you can think of an upgrade.

Choosing the best violin guarantees not only the best musical sounds but also promises a great time interacting with your instrument. With this detailed guide, you will be able to choose the best electric violin that suits your needs!

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