Things every girl in 20s has to hear from her father

Posted by Hardik Lashkari
October 26, 2017

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“A girl is a daddy’s princess” – sometimes, those same princesses get hurt when their superhero daddies end up saying some unsensitive, hurting things.

Girls have been fighting for equality at work and in the society, but they have to suffer from this patriarchy in their own home. Sometimes disguised as love, most of the time the father say it to the daughter without even realising if she would be hurt or not.

A girl in 20s is mature, independent and sensible. She needs advices, not a strict list of do’s and don’ts. She wants your trust and a right to let her be. She knows about her career, marriage, safety and friends – and most of the times, an advice acts as an bullet to hurt the sweet little girls badly.

Here are 14 things a princess in 20s has to still hear from her superhero dearest daddy:

  1. Finally you got a job, it’s time we should release our burden by marrying you,

2. Till you live at my home, you’ll have to follow my rules. Do all this stuff when you get married.

3. Have you ever thought what you want to do in career? Are you serious or not?

4. You haven’t learnt how to cook? You are definitely going to let us down in front of your husband and in-laws,

5. Its already 9 PM. When you are coming back home?

6. Can’t you that elders are talking? You shouldn’t speak in between? Haven’t we taught you this?

7. What clothes do you choose to wear? These aren’t decent, go put on something that is more sober.

8. Who is that boy you were talking to? Is he your boyfriend?

9. How much money do you waste on shopping? I don’t earn just to let you waste it un-necessarily.

10. Beta, tumhe jaldi ghar ana chahiye na. Achhe ghar ki ladkiyo ke ye sanskaar nahi hote ki wo late ghar aaye.

11. You are always stuck up in your mobile phone. Why don’t you instead go and help your mom in kitchen?

12. Why do want to go for a private job? They’ll un-necessarily stop you after usual working hours also.

13. What are you doing on your phone? Show it to me.

14. Girls of your age shouldn’t have so many male friends. It’s bad.

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