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This is not our society rule…….blah blah blah…who made rules?.pls stop n be logical

Posted by Misti Sarkar
October 14, 2017

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Girls do not speak loud do not look straight do not eat fast do not drink slow do not sleep late etc etc etc. I m riya….from a low middla class kolkata family. From birth i compelled to understand that i m daughter so i m a different species less compared to a ordinary human being. But my simple logic almighty created only men n women no dfrnt rule. N these 2 hemispheres with all their unique abilities build earh human civilization society family what u say. So frankly from the very childhood i hv stuck on my mind that i will do what i consider right as per the the metre of my education country law global trend tradition n obviously social custom. But never will allow any particular illogical domination to over rule my logical thinking. I have not done anything special in my life. Bt i tried my best to follow my brain.n will try till end. I always dress what i wish as per my body structure n situation. I m whole family forbade me to wear western after marriage.dnt know why.  I never feel shy on my period days. I do touch my god coz my god is not narrow to throw her deciples only for period issue as its holy not creates nature. I have ask for sex with my husband before marriage only to know whether he is compatible with me or not cz its important for me to enjoy a spicy n healthy sex. I never feel guilty for that even to express the truth. I chose media job coz i prefered that. After marriage i hv compelled to leave my career.dont know why. I m struggling to start my career again n searching a suitable job. I am only daughter n i spend my half of time with my parents instead of a tons of drama from sasural. Its my right to take care of my parents. I cook i help my husband in study n i am searching for a new job. I use my brain in every nook n corner. They do not allow me still i do. Coz i know i have the ability to take decision. I can do alone what i wish or aim for.yes i can. I m not a successful distinguished i believe if every low layered person think like me the society will surely turn to a better way.

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