This Is Why Bulk SMS Services Are Still Active Today

Posted by mysmsworld
October 17, 2017

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Bulk SMS services are active today and are well in use for distributing text messages across a wide and diverse demographic. But why is that? Isn’t that strange that in a time of digital prowess and extensive use of social media for brand advertising and marketing, bulk SMS services are still used for various purposes? Why is that? We have studied and found out the following reasons that tell us why small to medium sized businesses as well large corporate units use the help of bulk SMS HTTP API services to gain revenue and market their brands. Have a look!

Their Quick Reach

Bulk SMS services provide a quick solution to the needs of companies that require them to quickly send their message to the targeted demographic. The recipients receive it in a matter of seconds. And as a matter of fact, up to 93 percent of SMS recipients actually open the message and read it, unlike other means of communication like emails where the successful open rate is not even close. Thus, bulk SMS services have a great edge in terms of successful open rates and quick reach. This especially true in the case of bulk SMS API services.



More Beneficial For Smaller Businesses

Smaller and medium-sized business houses do not possess as much money and financial strength that the bigger and larger business houses have. The amount of money needed for larger than life marketing campaigns is simply too much. And therefore, marketing on a large scale is not an option for these smaller firms. This is where bulk SMS HTTP API services come into play. They provide a framework form affordable yet effective marketing. 

Offline Availability

This is probably the best reason why bulk SMS services are still in play. Internet methods and social media platforms are great tools for marketing and promoting a brand but there is a catch. The catch is that there has to be connectivity to the internet at all times. This is, however, not true in the case of bulk SMS services. Bulk SMS services do not need any sort of internet connectivity. All it needs is a cellular connection and you are good to go. Bulk SMS API services are easy to use and the recipient just needs a cellular connection and a mobile phone device to carry it.

Can Be Used Directly From Home



The Unique selling proposition of bulk SMS HTTP API services is that they can be operated right from a fixed location which may be your home and can be used to send multiple text messages to the targeted demographic with ease. Bulk SMS services are easy to use and have no hassles. Not only this but they tremendously effective. If used in the correct way and on the right demographic, bulk SMS services can be used to a huge advantage.

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