Tips To Increase the Adventure of White Water Rafting in Dandeli

Posted by Jeniifer Lopez
October 13, 2017

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The ultimate aim of White Water rafting is the adventure and the rafters push hard to increase the adventure of white rafting. Here are 5 most important tips that will take your white river rafting adventure to a new level. Even if you don’t have any prior experience of rafting, these tips will make your first rafting trip a most memorable event.

The 5 most important and valuable tips to Increase the Adventure of White Water Rafting in Dandeli are as given below:

  1. There are hundreds of locations in India where you can enjoy White River Rafting. You need to research a bit about the location where you are going for rafting.
  1. Suppose if you are going to Dandeli for white water river rafting, it is a town located in Karnataka and marked by dense forests which are home to the most diverse flora and fauna of India. The white river rafting on Kali River is full of adventures.
  1. The Kali River is perfect for white river rafting because of its fast-moving waters. Your guide can tell you which the perfect time for the white river rafting on Kali River.
  1. The water level in the Kali River will never be too high or too low, it remains more or less static throughout the year.
  1. Follow the instruction of rafting guides keenly. The rafting guides are experienced people who know how to overcome any possible dangers during white river rafting.
  1. White River rafting on Kali River is a great way to bond with your family and friends. The company of your friends or family will make your rafting exercise more enjoyable

Safety Guidelines for White River Rafting

The white water rafting in Dandeli is full of adventure. But it is also accompanied by many risks.  The white river rafting is dangerous if it is not done professionally. Hundreds of rafters have lost their lives in India in the last few years. 

Here are the 6 safety guidelines for every rafter:

  1. Always go for white river rafting in a group and never go for it alone. Even the most advanced and experienced rafters don’t prefer to go for rafting alone. And the safest way of going for rafting is to take a licensed and experienced guide along with you.
  1. Always wear a protective gear while rafting. It will help you prevent serious injury in the event of an accident. The beginners should never avoid wearing life jackets.
  1. Like life jackets, the helmet is also important during white river rafting. In the event of an accident if your head is tossed against sharp rocks that can result in heavy injury to you. So rafters should always wear a helmet to protect their heads not just from the sharp rocks but also from the fellow rafters in the boat.
  1. A rafter should know it well how to handle a raft properly. Some rafters are hit by the paddle of other rafters. This results in injuries to the rafters. So a rafter should hold the paddle with a firm grip with one hand on the base and another hand at the shaft at the T- Grip. Your guide or instructor can tell you better how to hold the paddle to eliminate mishaps on the water.
  1. Before going for white river rafting, you should be fully aware of the dangerous hazards of it. Because at times even a minor hazard which we neglect usually turns into a major disaster. The power of water increases with the flow of water.
  1. A sudden rise in the water flow in a wide shallow place can result in a great difficulty for the rafter and the one reason for it is the lack of preparation for facing such hazards. The rafting in the cold water can drain your strength and can also raise the risk of hypothermia and shock. So you should avoid rafting on the cold waters.

If you want to stay safe while white water rafting in Dandeli, then you will have to understand the dangers of it the white water.  So before planning a rafting trip, you should get guidance from the experienced professional rafters.

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