To All The Not-So-Good Looking Girls

Posted by Aparajita Sinha in Society
October 25, 2017

If you are reading this article, I’m not surprised to know that you don’t consider yourself beautiful because this is what the majority of girls think of themselves. I am a college student and I always hear my peers discussing how handsome that boy is or how beautiful the other girl is. They would get jealous of those petty issues. I’ve been no exception either.

In fact, I also used to be that girl who did not consider herself lucky because I was not blessed with fair skin. But now as I ponder over it, I feel that it was not my fault. I have been brought up in a society where having fair skin was the only way one could be beautiful.

I’ve spent hours looking and observing myself in front of the mirror and analysing how I look. I must confess – the more I looked into the mirror, the more confidence I lost. I started hating parties and hanging out with my friends. I didn’t even like posing for photos. It was these situations, where I felt that my beauty could be analysed and that my friends would outshine me.

I started using apps like “Beauty Plus” and “Candy Camera” to make myself look fair and started posting those pictures on social media so that everyone thought I was beautiful. But the truth is different. I am beautiful. I am much more beautiful than what the camera can capture and what those beautifying apps could make me.

I have acne, pimples, dark circles, blackheads, etc. But, so what? Does that change who I am? My eyes, lips, nose and even my braces are unique and they make me beautiful.

The definition of beauty given by society is like only giving one person a chance to participate in a race and then declaring them as the winner. Let’s break this barrier and join the race. Let’s give us the confidence to embrace ourselves. Don’t put make-up to hide your insecurities, because you don’t need to be insecure. You are strong, beautiful and much more than what you can imagine!