To My Best Friend – With Whom I Can Travel Worlds Of Fantasy And Reality

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October 31, 2017

To the girl with whom I can travel the whole world of fantasy and reality – Niveydita Trivedi.

July 24 or 25, 2017

At 11:30 am, I came back from my classes and the first thing I saw was a suitcase kept on the stairs. It made me upset because I knew another new girl will be staying in my hostel and the thing is that I hate having too many people around me.

I just moved upstairs towards my room and there stood a new stranger in front of me. I was familiar with her name and some of her characteristics through what I’d heard from different people. She was in a black three-fourth sleeve top. She had charming eyes, a cute smile and a carefree tone of voice.

I just had a formal conversation with her and then proceeded towards my room. Later, we cracked many jokes on the same day and the connection between our senses of humour worked for us and we became close. But it was too early to call us best friends.

Then, the next day at 5:30 am, she came to my room. She asked me about the classes, we talked about her riding a bullet motorcycle and many other things. But I knew she came for a different reason. She wanted to open her heart and yet, she didn’t. Trust issues could have been the reason she was holding back.

Later, she waited for me at breakfast which really made me happy. I experienced a different feeling with someone whom I had thought was a stranger – but was she now?

It would be honest to say that neither were we strangers nor besties. It was something between that. Then, we went from breakfast to lunch, from lunch to evening tea, from tea to having snacks, then from starting to understand each other a little to dinner, and then straight to the heart. I didn’t even realise how this happened in such a short span of time. She wanted to show the scars which had made their place in her heart and which she had hidden behind her echoing laughter. I just needed to recognise it.

She held some pieces of broken dreams and sealed emotions in her beauty and her smile. Actually, she wanted to tell all those things to me, but she also wanted to know how broken I was. She wanted to know the beauty of my pain. This was her way to connect to me and yes, I was also giving her time. Because I wanted her to bare her soul and the scars it contained. It was important because I wanted to understand her heart so that I could see what her real smile looked like.

I was successful. I was successful in comforting her and helping her free her thoughts. She spoke about her pain, her suffering, her love, her sacrifices but she stopped at a point. Why did she stop?

She stopped because she thought she couldn’t cry. And there was again that smile which covered everything.

I recognised it to be a fake smile.

She had divided her whole past into several parts and had kept those parts at different levels. She picked a part and matched it with mine. If she came to know we had similar parts, she would then tell her part of the story..

She is a girl with a butterfly heart and her soul is like the Mona Lisa portrait. She is selfless in her actions and charming in her looks. Her chubby cheeks and duckly shaped boat pattern lips are quite sexy. Her dreamy eyes and thin cleavage, her silky straight and thin hair, her curvy back, puffy thighs and sleeve covered hands are just awesome.

I have shared every inch of my life with her and she is my co-traveller. She is my shadow. She has made me believe in the theory of soul sisters. I have started laughing more often. Now I understand the theory of the collision of similar emotions – a chemical locha. And most importantly, I get to have someone with whom I can cover the journey of togetherness and friendship in the real world where even fantasies can be fulfilled. I feel as if I can go beyond my limits if I walk with her.

She is sometimes like a kid to me but she also happens to be one of the most mature girls I’ve known, with whom I can see the world from different perspectives.

Author’s note: Life is very short. In general, getting a soul sister or a girlfriend who is selfless to you is next to impossible. And I think if you are lucky enough to have her, then remind her how much you love her.