Top 4 Tips to Consider before Taking Your Car to a Repair Service

Posted by Thomas Sujain
October 31, 2017

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For any car owner, the owner’s manual can become their first ‘forgotten bible’, which can be used as an essential car repair guide. If you already view the owner’s manual as just another oversized book with a lot of technical jargon for you to digest, you are doing the wrong thing. If you ever have a look at it, you will realize how user-friendly it is and how much pain an expert has taken to prepare it.

If you own a car and ever come across the need for repairs, here are the top four tips for a novice to get started.

Don’t Undervalue The Owner’s Manual

It is essential to know where you can find critical information quickly, and identify the causes of troubles. Sometimes, you may be able to avoid a trip to an auto mechanic in the first place if you can understand the real problem behind things. It is not just about knowing the make and model of your vehicle – referring to the owner’s manual will also help in understanding the engine layout, transmission, and other mechanical features specific to your car.

You also need to know about the specific exterior paint variant and the interior tone and color codes if you plan for a full body repair or upholstery work. You also may require the VIN (vehicle identification number), which is unique to your car, during the service schedule.

Choose Between Dealership Service Or The Local Garage

The specialist technicians at the dealership may be factory trained to take special care of the exact make and model of your vehicle. Majority of the dealers have their own add-on service station with trained staff, including technicians, service manager, customer support staff, and advisors.

However, this does not mean that only dealers have best technicians. Sometimes, the independent vehicle service facilities across the street also may possess more expertise than a dealership. However, you need to do intensive research to identify the reliability and experience of such service providers.

Keep Your Vehicle Records Handy

When you are planning for a car maintenance schedule, it is essential to keep all records of the car. A technician can make use of these documents about the service history and previous problems to rightly diagnose the vehicle’s problems. Incomplete or broken records may lead to redundancy and a waste of money. Well maintained service records can also testify that you have done your part in terms of ensuring the well being of your vehicle.

Qualification Of Service Technicians

As a service taker, you have the privilege to know who handles your vehicle during a repair. The primary thing to check is whether the service technician allotted for your work is ASE certified. By passing this test conducted by an official agency, a technician may surely possess the required skills and expertise needed for professional car servicing.

If you are planning for a major car repair, it is essential to do a thorough baseline research and comparison of various providers to identify which one to be made your first choice. Once if you get hold of a reliable and experienced service provider to put hands on your vehicle, you can rest assured.

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