TRUMP – the Unexpected hero

Posted by Rashmi Verma
October 29, 2017

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During the 2016 American Presidential elections, nobody or else many of the native citizens had expected the business tycoon Donald Trump to lead the passage. But when the election results were declared, situation was considered to be an ironic one. A rich,arrogant and a perfectionist had taken birth in the lives of Americans as well as the people around the world.Republican,Donald .J Trump became the 45th president of the United States on 20 Jan 2017. This is considered as a historic movement as it was the first time in the US history that a business orientated tycoon was elected as the leader of the world’s oldest democracy.After harrowingly beating Secratary Clinton in the election polls, Mr. Trump radicalised the ideology of a ‘new & great America’ through his foreign and domestic policies. He campaigned across the USA and enlightened his supporters. Though, his interest towards politics and negative comments were criticised by many American governors and lawmakers.

Speaking about Mr. Trump’s policies and propoganda, he was considered to be a really dominant and an aggressive leader. He spoke of building a southern border wall along the Mexican border ,Banning muslims from entering the USA and also being disrespectful to women. Also Trump was responsible for accusing former presidents for ‘not doing enough’ in combatting terrorism and military strategy of Afghanistan. Foreign leaders like German Chancellor thought Mr. Trump was isolating superpower US from the world when USA backed off from Paris Climate Pact which was signed by his predecessor Barack Obama in 2015.

Frankly speaking , Donald Trump ultimately emerged out as the president and took charge of the most important & powerful position in the world. Many positive traits can be obtained from this man. Donald trump have  qualities of self determination, hard work, pateince and active usage of mind and speech. He also address people quite well on the diplomatic front. It can be truly said that Mr. Trump enlightened the spirits of hard working people and thus, beacame a source of inspiration throughout the world.

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