UN …. Is it relevant??!

Posted by Seshubabu Kilambi
October 24, 2017

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Another birthday has passed as UN enters another challenging year. Though many world leaders have spoken of the UN and its importance with nostalgia, it may be worthwhile to analyse the contribution of the world body.


One of the achievements of UN is that it is still existing as a world’ s premier body despite sharp differences between countries. When US and USSR were at the peak of their enmity, UN was not affected though there were gross violations of UN charter and resolutions. Today, when China is competing with US and violations are more or less the same , UN is not dismantled. Thus, it has played its role and even now, is contributing, albeit nominally. 

Difficult conditions 

Right from its inception, it had to function in difficult conditions. With permanent members wielding all the control on the body, it had to yield to the whims and fancies of the members. Thus, more often, US and its allies had their say as being permanent members, they had he power of veto. Still, there is no change in the situation. 


It had more failures than successes. Palestine problem or west Asian problem or, the present North Korea crisis, it has been a mute spectator. It is unable to resolve any major problem. 

Thus, the question remains …is it relevant today?


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