VIOLATION : Rape And Consent

Posted by Neelam
October 12, 2017

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Rape is a taboo subject to talk about in countries like India. The society hush the ones who discuss the injustices done to the women , dismissing it as something that happens to defiant women only. And yet thousands of prepubescent girls , adolescents and young mothers are being victimized by sadist criminals. Recently , a 28-days old infant was raped! It is beyond conscience , transgressive of the rational bounds and violation of human rights. Gang rape is rampant where the college girls are raped and disfigured by acid by several men! What is left for females in India other than insecurity and crippling fear to venture out of home for work or study?

India is turning into devilish patriarchal society that has no conscience or care for the women. As if the women are there , awaiting for another rapist to destroy their lives together with their dignity! India is the land where the female deities are worshipped with severe austerity. It is ironic that women in India are being treated like trash! I can’t see the provocative clothing or behavior led to those rapes because the helpless innocent infant couldn’t have provoked any man unless he is a sickened sadistic paedophile! How disgusting! And there is no end to those crimes ; RAPE HAS BECOME THE CULTURE ! Rape is the product of misogyny , the tool to repress women , to intimidate and to control women. It has become the mechanism to belittle women’s dignity and reduce women to animalistic existence. Rape has turned lives of women as living hell , anticipating threat and phobic of masculinity. Young girls are being groped by strangers when they commute to school. Women are being targeted for profane remarks by bosses and subordinates alike. And this considered as NORMAL because the females are expected to tolerate it!

If you are born as a female , your genital become the target for intimidation. Men view it as the property to own , to override the self determination of women ; the vagina is there to be enjoyed and women don’t own their bodies! Men doesn’t seem to understand the concept of consent. They have no respect for a woman’s humanity. She is seen as an object , a toy to experiment. If she says no , men take it as yes to further degrade and violate her. In a mind of a man , women exist there on display , to penetrated viciously and violently until she succumb into helplessness and anguish. It pleases the men to rape as they are able to express the dominion and vengeance. They relish at women’s suffering because they justify the rape as the means to punish women who are loud and boisterous. And they ask how can a woman talk loud and act like man when she is just an imbecilic female , far inferior to men ? So the rapists are to reminds the women how fragile they are.

The seed of the rape culture lies in the way men perceive the women. They think women is there to be used , abused and discarded when they no longer pleasing. It is deep corruption of will and desire of the men. It is said that women should hide and veil their femininity because men can never be blamed if he happens to pass by a “seductive” female and therefore “tempted” to rape her! It is always the women’s fault! Does owning a penis gives a man an autonomy , the absolute license to rape ? Is being a male makes him a demigod to dictate the fate of a woman? Or is it in the genetics of men to naturally suppress women to comply to demands and wishes? When will the men assume the responsibility for their acts of violation ? Tbe rape culture could not be stopped by hanging the perpetrators. Castration is the only solution if we are discerning enough!

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