A Clerk’s Anger With An Elderly Man For A Single Note Left Me Shocked

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Specials
October 30, 2017

It is simple honesty that makes a consumer stand in long queues at the power sub-stations’ electricity bill deposit counters. Otherwise, there is no dearth of those kinds of consumers who evade the method of wasting time for hours in the straight line. They approach the office concerned and make arrangements for depositing their bills in oblique ways.

It is because of these things that the simple, honest and law-abiding denizens have to face tough tongues more often. To stand in the queue is their tragedy, and this downgrades their self-respect. It is the concrete reality of time and they are yet to determine whether this system is a part of sabka saath, sabka vikas.

Whatever is experienced at the counters cannot be rejected. The consumers perspire to reach the window in order to pay the bill, while the clerk at the counter continues to shoot unbearable, unnecessary and useless edicts simply for the sake of saying something.

Why are honest customers made to hear bad words?

Out of several such cases, one latest confrontation is being presented for your perusal.

A stout clerk thought it fit to tell an older honest consumer not to come to the power sub-station at Defence Colony, only because he handed over a slightly marked pink currency note.

The person possessed such an insular prejudice against the customer. Instead of showing sympathy with the honest consumer, he felt insulted and offended. The customer’s only mistake was paying the electricity bill within the due date. Consumers standing in the queue maintained that what the clerk had said was not good.

The customer handed him a large-sized pink currency note that had an illegible mark on its white transparent portion. Even though the customer changed the note, the clerk did not stop speaking. He went on to pass judgement on him and still told him to not come to their power substation next time.

How can customers be modest if clerks keep being haughty? Why did he have to treat the elderly man so poorly? The man had to leave with a bad experience. To the clerk, it was just his job, but he should not ignore the pain the customers face to pay their bills.