Was I wrong?

Posted by misrup23
October 23, 2017

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Is it ok to dream? I am not talking about passionate goal achieving dreams. I am talking about fantasy dreams. Indian cinema and many novels focus on a fantasy world where girl is the heroine and boy is the hero, boy is strong, girl is weak. Boy always runs after the girl and makes her realise the love he has for the girl.

But is it possible in real life? Do the boys always run after a girl with whom they are in love? Or after she accepts his love? Is it wrong for a girl to dream that her man would spend 24 x 7 with her, of course if he is free. What if he is free but he does not want to spend time with her. He wants to go and enjoy with his friends. Agreed that he needs some space but what if he has specially taken some leave from work to spend time with her and then he wants something else and he blames this stupid movies and novels for the behaviour of the girl.

I am a girl, I like pink and yes I want all the fantasy which is shown in the movies and novels. If the fantasy is not true according to the man then why do the artist showcase it? Is it the girls fault to admire such fantasy and adore the man to fulfill it? Is it girls mistake to be on the receiving end of such insulting behaviour from the man after accepting his love?

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