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We are all snow whites

Posted by Anahatha Kalyani
October 12, 2017

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“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”  Queen Grimhilde will not have uttered these words if the mirror was on her bathroom wall instead of the Magic Mirror showing a haunted, smoky face of her familiar demon which replies to the Queen’s requests. She could have examined her beauty rather than depending on the demonic mirror.
This is what happening to our beautiful ladies out there.They are depending on the societal mirror to answer them and appreciate them. Go, stand in front of your magic mirror on the bathroom walls but don’t question, rather admire your beauty. The beauty that defines you. The collar bones that’s hiding behind your skin, the curves of your waist, the delicate bosom, the brownish tiny hairs on your tummy, the fingers that are uniquely carved, the little forehead that’s fighting with the hair to make a space, the brownish skin like the colour of wet soil, the pimples that’s kissing on your cheeks and the adamant crazy curls of your long black locks that hisses through your ears as a serpent. All these are yours that makes you an Aphrodite.
Your body you possess is your beauty so allow your soul to penetrate through the beauty of your body. Each cells of you carries the beauty from the past. The past of beautiful women. You are Helen whose electrifying beauty is blamed for the fall of Troy, You are Ahalya whose beauty even made Indra to fall for her, You are Galatea whose beauty made Pygmalion to love a figurine, You are xishi whose beauty was the weapon against enemies.You are every women whose beauty was feared by history. Like the Iranian Clergymen says it’s your beauty that causes the earthquake.
So it’s time Queen Grimhilde stop asking questions, embrace her body and rewrite the famous fairy tale. Because we are all ‘snow whites’.

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