We r soul friends not Soul mates so stop judging us by the words we use .

Posted by Jai Tiwari
October 1, 2017

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Words cannot define a relationship between a boy and a girl. Infact they should not be used as an element to describe the relationship between the two. Words like baby , swthrt , jaan are not only to be used by the couples..And our so called modern generation should stop making these words a criteria which can be used to judge someone on their relationship. I am facing this frustrating and unexplainble situation and I am not able to find out a way to get ourselves out of it , we r there wid each other coz we understands each other better than anyone else And it’s not about time U can be best of friends with the right person in no time coz u share that same level of understanding.We also hug nd kiss each other and we find it completely right coz we know none of us is going to take it in a wrong way. People should stop judging us just beacuse of some words we use for each other.We have faced a lot for the crime we never committed and i want to take this platform to tell everyone and by everyone i mean every single one to stop judging someone by the words they use..We r not soul mates but we r soul friends..

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