Wedding Bells !!!

Posted by Ashima Mathur
October 17, 2017

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Cliche as it may sound but it’s a dream of every girl to have a fairy tale wedding. Carry the best of outfit, look stunning and glow with joy, enjoy the best time of her life, feel accomplished and settle down with the man of her life and have the entire world around, for her. But life hits you, like always, with a reality check.


So it all starts when the match is found and the deal has been struck. Quite obviously your first reaction is to be glad that it has finally happened and the worst has gone. You believe that what lies ahead is pure bliss. May be not forever but at least for some time. Well, this is just the beginning of a transformative phase. You are graduating from one phase to an entirely, entirely different phase of life. And like every transformative phase, this phase is difficult, its ugly.


It’s like the new moon, or graduating, or PMSing, but this time not for a week, but for the entire courtship period. You have no idea what’s wrong, but there certainly is something constantly disturbing you. Marriage becomes a mammoth concept to embrace. You start realizing that you have a great mountain to overcome. And then you realize that it’s okay, no matter how hard it is, you have a partner to rescue you. You feel better and then go back to feeling scared. And this goes on like a pendulum. And the worst part is that amidst this chaos, people around you expect you to be at your natural best. With this expectation comes the feeling of guilt that something is wrong with ‘me’.


That’s exactly the time when you should hold on to yourself. Accept that there are changes happening inside you, which will reflect outside. Let that happen and give yourself sometime to recover. Let things change and take their own course. You will change, your environment will change, your relationships will change, even with your partner. Let all that happen and do not judge others to their reaction on this. They have no idea what you are going through. Slowly you will feel at ease, comfortable and so will your folks. They will now begin to understand you. They will support and comfort you. And after all of this is done, you will come out like a butterfly out of the cocoon, ready for the new life. Ready for your partner. You will now be your natural best just when you are supposed to. And then without even realizing, you will experience your fairy tale wedding.

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