What Are The Essential Processes Involved In Excavation?

Posted by Manavinfra Projects
October 9, 2017

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One of the very first activities that signals the start of a new construction project is that of excavation. This process is essential to the building of a foundation for the forthcoming structure to be eventually placed upon. Let us take a quick look at some essential excavation processes, in the words of the experts at excavation contractors Manav Infra.

The First Stage

The mammoth task of excavation ideally begins with the process of setting out corner benchmarks. Post this, there is a thorough and complete ground level survey that is conducted to truly understand the nature and specifications of the ground to be worked upon. This is followed by an equally exhaustive survey of top levels.

The Second Stage

This stage begins with the actual excavation work being carried out to the depth levels that have been approved during the preliminary processes. Post this, the contractors go on to supervise the dressing process of loose soil. This process is continued until the cut off levels are reached.

The Third Stage

This is the last and final stage of excavation, though by no means an easy one. It involves the rapid construction of dewatering wells and interconnecting trenches. After this is done, the boundaries of the building are marked with great care. This procedure leads directly into the construction of protection bunds as well as drains.

Understanding The Processes Involved In Excavation

One of the most critical tasks during the excavation process involves making one or more trial pits in the construction site. This sets the stage for determining the amount of excavation to be done and the necessary depth levels to be achieved. This is followed by removing all excess soil present in the ground, thus ensuring that the construction to be done over the area is based upon a solid and reliable foundation.

This was a quick overview of the various processes involved in the successful completion of excavation work. The information published herein was provided to us by Manav Infra, one of the most successful piling contractors in Mumbai. We hope this information was of use to you in understanding the right way to conduct an excavation process!

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