What Hostel life taught me?

Posted by Bankey Agarwal
October 11, 2017

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After spending three consecutive years (with same roommates!) in the campus hostel, I am able to “analyse” (engineers use it the most) my hostel life experience.

Hostel Life

Living away from home makes me realise the importance of family. I learned that in life you can’t scream for your mum every time and ask her to handle your problems. You need to tackle your problems and deal with them in your own way.

In the hostel , friends become family as we  live together, eat together and share together. Hostel life taught me that in a friendship you need to express your care and love towards the friend ( I was not so expressive before). I realised friendship isn’t a big thing, it is a million little things.


Hostel made me balanced. I still remember the goodbye  words of my relative( yeah mat bhulna ki tum ghar se door Kyun jaa rhe)that  helped me to differentiate between right and wrong. In life one needs to know his priorities and then act accordingly, therefore keeping my priorities in mind, I enjoyed my hostel life a lot.

At last, one of the most important thing that hostel life taught me is  that nothing can replace ”Ghar ka khana”( I don’t need to say more about it).

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