What will be seeing lesser of as India goes cashless?

Posted by Keshsa Vasant
October 9, 2017

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Demonitisation. Some accepted it, some criticised it. But the youth of the country has adopted it to a large extent. It’s no exaggeration that a large number of young, urban Indians are moving from physical cash towards a cashless economy, fuelled by their credit/debit cards. The usage of cards has expanded as a convenient and trackable way of transacting across a range of places. But if we were to ask ourselves…

As we move from cash to cards more and more… what is that one thing we’re going to be seeing lesser and lesser of?

The answer is simple: Mahatma Gandhi’s face 🙂

After all, it’s there right on our notes. And in some way, those notes have been our everyday connection with Bapu. So how do we bring Bapu back into a cashless economy that is devoid of our money’s most important symbol?

That’s where Chennai-based brand Arture came in. Arture is a 100% sustainable, vegan lifestyle company that produces accessories like wallets, clutches, card holders and more using cork sourced from the Mediterranean as a substitute for leather. The company’s founders Shivani Patel and Keshsa Vasant thought of creating a series of handmade, vegan wallets with a modern minimalistic icon of Bapu, embossed onto the card pockets… so that every time we’re using our credit/debit cards, Bapu is right there.

In partnership with Dentsu Webchutney, Bangalore, Arture launched this wonderful initiative on social media right before Gandhi Jayanthi (Oct 2nd) with a film that explains the entire idea behind it. Watch the full heartfelt tribute here.

Like what you see? You can pre-order one of these limited edition Bapu wallets here. A part of the proceeds from these wallets will be donated to the Vishwa Manav Sewa Ashram in Bihar, an institution founded on Bapu’s values.

What’s more, if you want to contribute artistically to their project, you are invited to create a minimalist icon of your own on their social media page. The best design to emerge from this will be turned into the third icon option that you can buy for your wallet.

Bapu is a leader whose relevance cannot be understated. We need an icon like him to guide us more than ever before. Hopefully, with initiatives like Arture’s Bapu Wallet, we will never fall short of reminders of the values he taught our nation.

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