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When Equalism replaces Feminism

Posted by Khushbu Sharma
October 22, 2017

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The differences between a man and a woman are characterised by two types of differences namely- Gender & sex. On the one hand sex represents the natural difference between man and woman, cateogarise them as male and female solely on the basis of their physical features and appearance and never upheld the superiority of one sex over another. On the other hand, gender differences are arised out of social psychology of human being to dominate the others by considering it inferior and subordinate, this idea have nothing to do with rationality and logic & carries out distribution of work solely on the basis of birth. Not only this, the Gender differences establish the superiority of one gender and subordination of the another. This gender theory leads to creation of patriarchial and matriarchial societies depending upon the supremacy and subjugation of genders. However, most societies of the world tend to be patriarchial which lead to long term subjugation and oppression of women ranging from right to say in institution of family to right to earn livelihood. The incidences of brutal violence, sexual abuses, female foeticide, murders for dowry, honour killing etc. became common. Therefore, there emerged a voice against this long term oppression of one gender without any scientific logic and rationality. This voice was termed as ‘feminism’. The concept of feminism is very inclusive in itself. It never aims at upliftment of women above men but to create a society based on equality which gives equal status to men and women and does not discriminate among them.
However, in due course of time the paradox between the name and concept of ‘feminism’ has came to forefront. While the concept talk of equality, its name represents biasedness towards the word ‘femina’. This led the practitioners of feminism to favour the subjugated gender and blame the other. Slowly, this feminism which aimed at upliftment of women and equality of gender turned into a movement against male. The liberal feminism diminished and separatist feminism began to foster. This create a deep divide among male and female & prejudiced the entire debate on gender equality. Therefore, the feminism movement is slowly losing its credibility and diverting from its objective. Issues have to be analysed rationally. Feminism never meant to suppress men or even motivate women to create a ‘only women’ or ‘male free’ society. If this femina trend continues the upcoming centuries will lead to emergence of a new movement for equality- ‘Masculinism’.
Therefore, to prevent such divisions in society both Feminism and masculinism should be substituted with ‘EQUALISM’.

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