When Lightning Strikes: Things to Do and Places to Go During a Thunderstorm

Posted by Jeremy Chew
October 27, 2017

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Did you know that Malaysia experiences more thunderstorms than some of the major western countries? According to the local Meteorological Department and Prof Ir Dr Mohd Zainal Abiding, Malaysia experiences 180 to 200 of thunderstorms every year. The township of Subang Jaya itself sees a striking 240 days of lightning and thunderstorms annually. This is because Malaysia is located right around the equator, making the region warmer which can lead to more formation of thunderclouds and thunderstorms.

Nevertheless, just because Malaysia is one of the number one spots for lightning strikes in the world doesn’t mean it should hinder your activities. As much as you want to immerse yourself with the local hotspots and the country’s beautiful nature, there’s no reason to expose yourself to the pouring rain when exploring Malaysia. There are other ways and places that you can visit for when it pours and these activities and places allow you to still experience Malaysia while being safe, away from the thunder and the rain.

Visit Indoor Landmarks

While Malaysia is known for its outdoor tourist hotspots and breathtaking natural wonders, there are plenty of indoor landmarks that you can visit during a thunderstorm. These landmarks range from museums, indoor theme parks, and miscellaneous attraction. Kuala Lumpur has various museums that are completely indoors that can give you shelter and important information about the country at the same time. There are also other types of indoor landmarks that are more suitable for a group of families or couples. You can visit the indoor theme park in Berjaya Times Square or discover the underwater wonders at Aquaria KLCC.

Hit the Malls

Malaysians love to go to the malls to fill up their free time and it should be one of your past times too. In fact, hitting one of Kuala Lumpur’s many malls is perhaps one of the safest and most convenient thing to do during a thunderstorm. Sometimes, a mall can have many other amenities than just stores and restaurants. Like the 1 Utama mall in Bandar Utama, for example. As the biggest mall in Malaysia, 1 Utama has two cinemas, a rainforest rooftop garden, an arcade, two karaoke joints, and a playground for children.

Another popular shopping center in Kuala Lumpur is of course the Suria KLCC. Situated right under the Petronas Twin Tower (which act as giant lightning rods to protect the city), the Suria KLCC offers hundreds of retail shops and restaurants. The Aquaria that was previously mentioned is also located here in the lower levels of the mall. Also, if you need to commute, the LRT runs right underneath the mall so you don’t have to go out into the pouring rain into the nearest station.

Find Indoor Activities

If you’re more into physical activities, rainy and thunderous weather doesn’t mean you have to halt your fitness plans. You can get your body moving with indoor physical activities like bowling, archery, ice skating, rock climbing, going to batting cages, playing futsal, and more. However, indoor activities also don’t always have to be rigorous and you can make use of this weather to unwind and relax. If physical activities are not your cup of tea, you can opt to visit a spa or a salon to get a massage or a glow up.

Have a Feast

Thunderstorms are often accompanied by a downpour of heavy rain, making it the perfect weather to indulge yourself in some brothy and soupy cuisines. To keep you warm, there are many steamboats and shabu-shabu buffets around Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding areas that you can visit so you can have a feast during the cold weather. You can also visit hawker centers or historical kopitiam and take shelter there while indulging in a bowl of pan mee soup, laksa, curry mee, bak kut the, or mee rebus along with a nice, hot cup of teh Tarik or white coffee.

Be a Homebody

If all else fails, you can always stay at home and cuddle up with your loved ones or with your furry friends. There’s nothing wrong with staying put at home away from the pouring rain and the rumbling thunder. Catch up on your series, enjoy a cup of hot tea, or read a good book by the window to enjoy the melancholic scenery. The cozy atmosphere during a thunderstorm can also lull you to sleep so make sure you try and catch up on your Z’s as well.

Remember to turn off all power sockets and unplug all appliances in the case of a serious thunderstorm. Do not charge any of your electronics and gadgets but if it’s necessary, use an emergency power bank instead. Nevertheless, if your electronics and gadgets die before the thunderstorm disappear, take advantage of this time to take a break from technology, improve social relations, hone your other skills.

There you have it; some activities and places that you can do and visit when it’s pouring heavily outside. If you’re unfortunately stuck outdoors, try your best to go to the nearest shelter, whether it be a hawker center, mamak, museum, shopping malls, and so on. It proves that just because it’s not bright and sunny outside, you can’t experience the country to its fullest.


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