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Why food is taking over your life

Posted by varunmarchand
October 12, 2017

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As humans we survive off food as a life source,we’ve all learned that from grade school but at a certain point there comes a realization that food may become overwhelming in our lives.

Events, Planning

As I mature and grow into an organized group planner I’ve realized that almost every fun plan consists of eating. Yes our mouths aren’t the only things being stuffed with food, our plans with friends are also becoming consumed, literally. I find myself planning around the restaurants my friend’s and I dine at as the main excitement and places to keep in mind to not revisit in a row in order to keep my plans interesting. When in relatility my wallet is thinning out while I become full causing the issue of price and efficiency. Since I prefer to make the plans for my friends and I ,subconsciously I’ve declined ideas all in the common sense that we’ve been to that restaurant before. Recently eating out has overpowered every plan with friends because it grants an easier access to conversation and time spent together. Even most events cause the celebratory cake, or dinner along with gifts like chocolate on practically all holidays.

Eating for the sake of eating

As a teen with a fluctuating hunger it’s easy to notice that society suggests appropriate times to eat. Much like in schooling most students are given a lunch time where students are conditioned into believing they’re hungry and to eat at mcdonalds. Day training like that is helpful in the sense in regulating hunger spikes but when really viewing the time student’s are given to eat is relatively earlier than usual. This also goes for snack times given in sports, clubs, etc where peers are forced to believe they should be hungry and bring snacks rather than eat snacks for their intended use which is when a person is actually hungry.Also boredom plays into eating for the sake of eating because some individuals fall into the bad habit of eating just to pass time.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are not pretty and not a topic to take lightly at all, but personal views on a person’s body causes a bitter taste toward the idea of food for most victims that suffer with eating disorders. While I love food at a time I blamed most of my issues on food and that the reason for being tired was the lack of food, and so i’d attempt to eat more. Which then when food wasn’t the culprit i’d do the opposite and assume the food I ate was unhealthy and I grew a codependency for food and to eat less. Which didn’t help and caused my family to be in huge alarm to my safety and possible tracks to an eating disorder myself. As a teen skipping a meal is seen as a relatable common occurrence where it’s almost a bounding tactic and encouraged while as I’ve matured I understand that our lives aren’t straight from Mean Girls and food should be seen as a tool for health. As eating disorders ruin lives and weaken bodies, over eating is also a overwhelming hardship for a good amount of the United States. Also society creates pressure on people to conform to the standard body type that ultimentally forces the mass majority into crazy health kicks and impractical diets.


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