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Why HINDUISM Is Most Targeted – A Perspective

Posted by Rishabh Nishad
October 21, 2017

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On the question of WHY only Hinduism is targeted in India? Here’s my perspective.
Why Ambedkar fought only for the rights of Dalits when there were other communities also facing casteism?
Why didn’t Gandhi fight for the freedom of other countries who were under control of British?
Why Savarkar, Ram Mohan Roy fought only against practices carried by Hinduism and why not against other religions?
The answer is because Ambedkar was born as a Dalit, Gandhi was born as an Indian, Savarkar & Ram Mohan Roy were born as a Hindu so it was natural for them to target those things. So, If I am going to target a Religion it will be Hinduism first and then the other ones because I was born as a Hindu and being raised up in a Hindu family Hinduism will be an easy target for me because I am more familiar with it’s good and bad things.
Similarly, If I was born as a Christian or a Muslim I will be targeting those religions. And that’s why Christianity is the most targeted religion in the west, you can even find explicitly dedicated pages targeting religion and Christianity on FB which are difficult to found in the case of Hinduism till now, but you will in future as this trend of targeting religion is going to increase not only in India but all over the world.
And that’s the reason you will find that people who target Hinduism are mostly Hindus and not Muslims or Christians and the people who target Christianity are mostly Christians. And therefore there should be no surprise on why Hinduism is mainly targeted in India as India have a Hindu majority same goes for Christianity if you were in America which is the most targeted religion there. In case of Muslims/Islam, targeting is less because of their strict teachings and fear of well-known reasons.
In case these factors also play an important role in the development of a society, we can observe that Christianity being most targeted by Christians are most developed communities and Islam being least targeted by Muslims are least developed communities living in chaos, on an average, whereas Hinduism falls at a moderate level.
But sometimes this targeting is done politically or person of one religious belief targets the other religion just to gain popularity among the people of his/her religion and that’s where the things go wrong.
Some pages operated on FB that targets religion-

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