why I need Feminism

Posted by Shruti Dash
October 8, 2017

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Hello everyone. 

I know that the above mentioned title may have made some people uncomfortable already. But it’s a fact that i need feminism to survive with dignity especially being an average Indian girl. 

It is the need of the hour that everybody should understand and accept the term. Because we are facing sexism even before we are born. Not only girls but also boys are taught to embrace sex ism from a tender age. When a boy cries he is often told, “Are you a girl? ” It seems as if they are born superior and have the capability to control the girls. And for the girls, well they are born inferior according our great elders. I have often observed aunties gossiping things like, “How many children do you have? And the other one is like :3 daughters, not a son yet. What can i do! It’s my fate. Deep sigh! “

Girls tend to be submissive always. I have faced so many situations that can’t be mentioned in a single article. I was a prey of sexism unknowingly when I was a child. Everybody considered me a good girl. Now that i understand the importance of feminism I am often designated as a “bigdi hui ladki” just because i have an opinion. 

The problem is deep-rooted. It can’t be eradicated abruptly. We need to work together to eliminate patriarchy. Because feminism can be acquired. I hope my writing won’t go in vain. I strongly believe by mutual effort we can achieve equality someday. 

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