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Why IBDP Residential Schools in Pune Should be Our First Choice

Posted by The Cathedral Vidya School
October 9, 2017

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The concept of school in these days is no longer limited to a building with four walls and a teacher teaching some theoretical things to handful of students. On the contrary, learning goes way beyond that and includes values, morals, ethics as well as a wide array of things which probably textbook lessons don’t teach us. Keeping this in view, this post explains why IBDP residential Schools in Pune provide your child with the perfect ambience and environment for your child.

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There are so many options as far as schools are concerned that it becomes quite confusing even for parents to zero in on that one school where they would like their child to go. In order to avoid this confusion, this post brings to you some reasons why IBDP Schools in Pune must figure on every parent’s list.

Helps in making your child independent

In today’s challenging times, your child must be well equipped to fight each battle on his own strength or merit. For this, it is extremely essential that you inculcate values like independence or being responsible in your child from an early age. Most of the IB world schools Pune has are all residential schools which means that children have to stay away from their parents from a very early age. This helps in making them independent and strong enough to be able to handle any situation with strength and courage and help him in his later life.

Learning to adjust

When kids are at home, at their parent’s or grandparent’s place, they tend to become stubborn and get things done their way. And parents as well as grandparents, out of pure love and affection for the little, politely give in to his demands. Contrary to this is the life in a residential school where a child learns to adjust and accommodate with his counterparts and to do what all the other students are doing. This teaches your child, one very important thing and which is to adjust and adopt a flexible approach towards everything.

Some other values and principles

Apart from teaching your child to be independent, responsible and flexible, residential schools also teach students many other things like discipline, punctuality, sharing, leadership qualities as well as being a good team member etc.

Learning in an IB world school and living in a residential school is an altogether different experience. Consciously or sub-consciously it helps every student to develop good habits, values and principles. And if the student studies in a reputed school like The Cathedral Vidya School, then be rest assured that your child will get the best of education as well as upbringing.

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