Why is it taboo?

Posted by Aqsa Siddiqui
October 10, 2017

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I always wanted to pen down my thoughts on various issues so I am grateful to YOUTH KI AWAZ for giving me this opportunity I find this a good platform to talk 

So why is it a taboo in India to talk about sex and menstruation.When you say word SEX in public people would stare at you as if they have been offended.Why?It’s a natural thing.Life wouldn’t have been possible without sex so why do people consider it shameful thing to talk about and the most disturbing thing is that it is not expected from a girl to express her sexual desire whereas man can express their sexual desire openly.Strange isn’t it?

Menstruation-A natural biological process created by god in women so that she could conceive is labelled  disgusting thing.So many myths attached to Menstruation are disgusting.We girls have been told to avoid talking about it to the opposite gender.Why?Why do we forget we exist because of the existence of Menstruation.

So girls I would just say do not feel shy to talk about it. It is not a crime to hit puberty.Feel proud of it.And people who think Girls on periods should not enter religious institution,should not interact with oldies,should not eat pickle,etc GROW UP.If God would really not like girls entering temples and touch their holy books while on periods  God wouldn’t have created Menstruation.

Jai Hind


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