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Why people suffer?

Posted by Natarajan Nagarethinam
October 28, 2017

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People from every walk of life go through the sufferings one or the other.

Why does this happen?

Is there no way to live life freed from misery?

Yes there are two ways.

Men of knowledge said that the human sufferings can be compared to one walking on a rough road full of  pitfalls and hostile surrounding. The premise is darkness,  The result is that we fall and get hurt as we proceed .

There are two solutions:

First, for the people with no ability to think. No knowledge to understand the life around. They need simple steps to follow. The men of knowledge compared such simple steps to a walking stick in the hands of vision impaired.

Second solution is for people who has varying extent of Learning & Thinking capabilities.

Just like today’s educated youth.

They are equipped with Knowledge that can be compared to a lamp that litup the dark premise. This is known as Spirituality,


I recommend, people of all ages spend a while everyday to Read, every day.

To begin with, I recommend the free ebook from online publishes that are free to down load.


The unemployed youth may read and share the following two books.






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