Why you need to stop making fun of #MeToo

Posted by Lenien Jamir
October 20, 2017

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So in lieu of the Harvey Weinstein controversy, we can see #MeToo all over our social media platforms. Thousands and thousands of men and women have started talking about their assault /molestation / groping /rape /harassment stories. It’s outrageous how almost every women has one- it’s a damned shame. However, what I have also started to see is memes come out of it! People are downright mocking a movement that took a lot of strength to talk about. I see posts of how somebody is comparing sexual abuse to assault by maths and it’s honestly so saddening.


Then we have our own set of people who claim that this movement is just a cry for attention, how it’s “cool” and “in” to use the hashtag??? Abuse is not cool. It’s not something to brag about, it’s not something to show off. I always hear people encouraging victims to speak out! To be brave! To stand up for themselves! And yet, when they do, they get mocked, they are belittled and they not taken seriously.

So please, PLEASE do not make fun of people who are talking about their trauma. Show them love, show them support, show them that they’re not alone.

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