Why You Should Visit Assam’s Second Largest City Silchar Just Once

To all travellers or travel lovers, would you like to enjoy the place upon which nature has bestowed natural wonders and also imparted skills to people since prehistoric times?  Well, if that is indeed your wish, then Silchar, the largest town in the Cachar district of Assam, can be your option.

Silchar presents an exceptional combination of all these things and a lot more. Silchar is a popular city in the Barak Valley and is one of the state’s leading cities. It therefore attracts tourists in great numbers.

Popular Places To Visit In Silchar

The best time to visit Silchar is April, May or June. The following are some of the popular places you can visit in Silchar and nearby.


If you are someone who has a keen interest in historical things, then Khaspur can be an option during your visit to Silchar. It’s famous for its rich cultural history. Khaspur was once the capital of the kingdom of the Kachari kings, and is just 20 kilometres away from Silchar.

The ancient ruins emphasise the chronological importance of the place. Among these, The Sun Gate and The Lion Gate attract a lot of tourists from all over the world.

Kachari Fort

Kachari Fort was located in Khaspur, the capital of the Kachari Empire. The fort is a celebrated monument that stands as a proof of the rich cultural inheritance from a former era. The ruins of the Kachari Fort reveal the influence of a non-Aryan civilization.

Ruins of Kachari Fort at Khaspur

Sri Kancha Kanti Devi Temple

The Sri Kancha Kanti Devi Temple is a very famous and popular temple among the people. It is situated around 17 kilometres from Silchar. The temple is dedicated to a Goddess who seems to be a combination of Kali and Durga. It is believed to be have been built by a Kachari king, after receiving instructions in a dream.


ISKCON is one of the most central and well-built temples of Silchar. The temple was built and is maintained by the  International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and is committed to the worship of Lord Krishna. A large number of devotees assemble here daily.


Lake Dolu

Lake Dolu is one of the most beautiful and famous lakes in Silchar. This lake is a serene spot, and people tend to have a good time here. If you are a nature love, then Lake Dolu might be a correct choice for your Silchar trip. You will be able to experience nature’s magnificence here – and is therefore, definitely worth a visit.

Lake Dolu

Janiganj Bazar

Janiganj Bazar is one of the most popular shopping places where you can look for a whole lot of items – ranging from durables to works of art, handloom products, food items etc. Here, you will find any number of goods at pocket- friendly prices.

Gandhi Bag Park

It is named after Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi Bag Park has the Shahid Minar, a monument commemorating the martyrs who died in the 1952 Bangla anguage movement. It is also a must-visit place in Silchar.

Gandhi Bag

Srikona Bara Bazar

Srikona Bara Bazar is a shopper’s delight with its options of local handicraft products and artifacts to choose from. Filled with many kinds of colorful and superfluous items, Srikona Bara Bazar has something for almost every buyer.

Narsingha Akhara

It is a very famous temple among the local people. There is also an old, well-known temple at Silchar, built  by a sadhu named Bhagwan Das Ramayati who hailed from Ayodhya. A lot of devotees visit this ‘Akhara’ on a daily basis.

Bhairab Bari

Bhairab Bari is located about 20 kilometres from Silchar. There is a shrine of Lord Shiva on a small hill about 50 meters high. The setting up of this shrine is attributed to King Lakshmi Chandra. It is a very popular temple among the people here.

Cachar Paper Mill (CPM)

Cachar Paper Mill (CPM) is a major manufacturing undertaking in south Assam. It also caters to the neighboring states of Mizoram, Meghalaya and Tripura.

There are other places and some stunning tea gardens like the Sindoora Tea Garden, Koomber Tea Estate, Doloo Tea Estate and Hatticherra Tea Estate which can also be your travel destinations. You can also visit the National Institute of Technology, Silchar (NIT Silchar) which is an institute of national importance. It also has Asia’s largest digital library. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, NIT Silchar is definitely worth visiting. You can also visit Assam University, which has a history of people’s endeavours in the Barak Valley.

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