World Egg Day – A few fun facts about Egg

Posted by McDonald's India
October 13, 2017

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Egg! One of the tastiest and versatile food element. Even a non-cook finds it an easy task to prepare something tasty out of it. Boiled, scrambled, fried. Today is World Egg Day. Since 1996, the D-day is being celebrated every year on the second Friday of October. It aims to help raise awareness of the many health benefits of eggs. Playing a major role in feeding families around the globe for centuries, eggs are a matchless package of top-quality protein at a very reasonable price.

So, here Poultry Federation of India and McDonald’s India have collated a few fun facts about egg, our quick daily diet element.

  1. Eggs can sometimes have double yolks also
  2. A hen lays about 310-315 eggs, on an average, annually
  3. The world record for eating hard-boiled eggs is 65 in 6min 40sec, by Sonya Thomas in 2003. She would have eaten more but they ran out of eggs
  4. Sun and bright white egg both will help you get the scarce Vitamin D.
  5. Eggs reduce chances of birth defects.
  6. Egg shell can be crushed and used as a garden fertilizer to as it is rich in calcium and other minerals
  7. Chances of developing a breast cancer can be reduced by eating eggs.
  8. Over 50 million eggs are donated by the egg industry to help the underfed and malnourished.
  9. There are apparently hundred ways to crack an egg.
  10. Eggs are environment friendly, they have low carbon footprints.
  11. The brown or white colour of an eggshell is purely dependent on the breed of the hen.
  12. Brown eggs are more expensive than white, but it’s not because they’re healthier.
  13. Thickness of an egg shell is depends on the age of the laying hen
  14. Egg whites contain slightly more protein than egg yolks. (One large egg white contains 3.6 grams of protein — compared with 2.7 grams of protein found in egg yolks
  15. As a hen grows older she produces larger eggs.

Happy World Egg Day!

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