Worst experiences of interning with a fraud company 2 years back

Posted by Vrinda Mundara
October 17, 2017

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2 years back somewhere in April 2015 just 2 months before my full time MA in Communication and Journalism (MACJ) degree was about to start, i had thought to do a paid summer internship till June 1st week and then so after that i started applying for the same. It had been like 10 days in April that i used to do this thing everyday but got no results from anywhere for the same.

Then one fine day when i was just scrolling through the jobs section on google, i got a revert back from a company on my gmail id for the internship application that i had sent and they called me for an interview at their office which was in Andheri west at that time in Crystal Plaza.

I went to their office for giving interview thinking that it might be a very good company and all but after that i realized that no it did not have its own website at that time and after my interview when i joined they didn’t even give me joining letter with their company’s logo and official letterhead which was something i found to be very fishy at that time but still i joined keeping all my doubts aside and within a week of my joining they shifted their office to Khar which was also not a problem for me since i travelled every day to and fro from Borivali to Khar and again from Khar to Borivali.

Then almost 10 days had passed and after that these people got another female boss at their company and after she entered things started getting more worst and unbearable for me like hell and these people then started taking me for granted and did not appreciate my work at all and i was just reduced to making calls to random people for pitching them our artists for events and that was where my patience level just ended as water had then gone over my head at that time and then one day i just decided to quit as that female boss just started shouting at me for no fault of mine and i do not listen to any sort of shit from any person when i am not at fault. 

They thought they’re sacking me but i told them that what you think you will remove me and make others think that you all sacked me so you are thinking very wrong as actually i myself quit your company and its a good riddance for me. So now from that worst internship experience at that fraud company 2 years back i have learned my lesson the hard way that you should always do a background check of any company before you apply at that said place and never go to companies where they take you for granted, don’t appreciate you and your work, make you do donkey work by making you over work, treat you as they’ve just purchased you just because you’re working for them. But you should go to good companies where people respect, value and appreciate you and your work and don’t take you for granted at all and also don’t make you over work as well. I think that leaving that company was one of my best decisions till date to be very frank and honest. 

I would just like to end this by saying this dialogue from Hollywood film ”Cinderella Story” (2004) – 

”Never let the fear of striking, keep you away from playing the game”.

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