Yes i am a girl & proud to be one

Posted by Prachi Pandey
October 13, 2017

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Yes I wear a loud makeup ,to keep it bold

Yes I l like to party , to burn the dance floor

I roam around the city at mid night

To rekindle the lost soul..


Yes I love to be the cynosure at any place I go

But do I ask for that ogle eyes?

The answer is no!!!

Yes I lit up when I feel chocked,

I like to do the bottles up when I just want to let it go ,

And to all that I hear, that you are nothing but just another whore!!


Yes my love blossomed more than twice,

You were not enough for lifetime.

Yes my thoughts flicker every time

I flirt, smirk, and smile,

But does that make me a slut? As I am labelled all the time!!


Yes I have dreams, but the problem is it’s not what the society needs

To every success of mine they credit the physical compromise

Not the pragmatic once that I have made through out

The sojourn in my life


Yes I wear short clothes wherever I feel,

Do I need to give explanation for all my deeds ?

Yes I am an extrovert & dictate my life on my own term,

This is my life & I own it one!!


Yes I am a girl & I am proud to be one,

Not a whore as I am labelled one..

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