Youth:Time to embrace polity

Posted by Kumar Abhishek
October 5, 2017

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Bharat:The Land, which gave the first political literature the ‘Arthashastra’ to the world,is today looking desperate to  find its youth take interest in politics.

The reason behind this is not unique to Bharat, i.e.India.The materialistic view of life and the associated scheme of things focussed hugely on individual growth and development.Focussing on studies slowly but gradually moved the masses away from collective causes in schools and colleges. The alienation the youth faced from political class save some youth leaders at big universities that they lost interest in the thing that mattered most just around few decades back. Leaders like JP Narayan,Ram manohar lohia etc were inspirational youth leaders who mobilised millions of youth and brought them in mainstream polity of the country.But they had something different to offer something which rang beautifully with the general sentiments of the masses and appealed to their common consciousness.

Youth today needs to understand that individual space is also amidst a social space.If society as a whole thrives then only avenues open for individual upliftment and development of the country at large.Your choice matters.Every single individuals consciousness matters.The need of the hour is to understand that we have to ourselves build our future and for that we should be ready to keep ourselves fully apprised of the political and social developments happening in the country. We need to have our own say,our own reasoning, our own analysis and above all our own polity.


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