20 Productivity Hacks To Keep You On Top Of Your Game Every Day!

Posted by Nisha Baghadia in Specials
November 8, 2017

Everyone wants to get more work done in less time as it gives them a sense of accomplishment. You might be working 10 hours a day, but are you satisfied with how much work you are getting done?

You could be more productive without wasting your time by reshaping your life. Life has made us very busy – we are constantly juggling between our work and social life, and as a result, our productivity tends to slow down. But don’t worry, there are many ways in which you can maximise your productivity, save time, and increase your total work output. These simple hacks will help you understand and prioritise your objectives, and you would be able to focus and work better without any distractions or obstacles in your path.

1. Start Afresh

The first thing to do before starting any work is to declutter your mind. When your mind is not clear, it impacts your productivity. So, start afresh with new ideas that could probably boost your work and give you a sense of peace. A clear mind is guaranteed to work better than a cluttered one.

2. Do The Worst First

When we have a line-up of tasks to complete, most of us choose the easiest one first and end up leaving the toughest one till the end. This leaves us with less energy to finish it. Once you finish the least preferred task first, you will feel the other tasks getting easier.

3. Make A Plan

 Planning is key if you want to have a productive and successful day. It is best to plan your day ahead so that you can get on to work right away. When you plan something, you don’t have to worry about missing important things. It gives you an estimate as to how much work you can do.

4. Prioritise Work

Among the various tasks you need to complete, identify the ones that need to be done first. Accordingly, organise your work and prioritise tasks based on the order you need them to be completed. By doing this, you can finish the most important ones first and the rest as per necessity.

5. Know Your Peak Hour

We all have different peak hours of productivity when we can get the most work done. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, when it is your peak hour, you can expect a high level of productivity. By monitoring your energy levels during the day, you can make a rough estimate as to which time is best for you.

6. Set Reminders

We tend to be forgetful at times. With the hustle-bustle of everyday life, who can remember every detail of what needs to be done? Create a to-do list or set reminders if you find yourself getting off track. It again helps you prioritise what has to be done when.

7. Arrive Early

When you start work early, you are more likely to be focused and will be able to finish your tasks on time. Instead of wasting time on commuting in heavy traffic or unnecessary disturbances, you’d rather go early and finish before time and relax later.

8. Stop Slacking Off

Let’s be honest, we all slack off at times when we just feel lazy to work and try to drag it until the very end. And that’s why work piles up, and we miss out on a few important details. It makes you rush right at the end of the day to get work done faster, which affects the quality of work and brings down your productivity. So, avoid procrastinating.

9. Pen Down Your Goals

By noting down your goals, you can keep track of where you are headed. When your mind has set goals, it can work better towards achieving them. You will have a clear idea of the ultimate goal and focus all your attention towards it.

10. Avoid Distractions

You will agree that there are some things that clearly distract you when you are trying to get work done. It could be your phone or even somebody close. When you sit down to work, avoid all these distractions. Put away your phone or hang a ‘do not disturb’ board outside your door so that people know that you are busy.

11. Break It Down

Some tasks can appear very tedious, and we tend to slack or drag on until they are done. This lowers our productivity levels. Break down any big, overwhelming tasks into smaller subtasks to help you finish the project and meet your deadlines.

12. Don’t Multitask

When you try to get too many things done at once, you fail to focus attention on any one thing. This is because your brain is confused when you are switching between tasks. And none of the tasks are completed satisfactorily. You can be more productive when you concentrate on one task at a time.

13. Take Proper Rest

Work is, of course, important, but you don’t need to go out of your way and deprive yourself of sleep and food for it. Without proper rest and care, your body cannot function at its best ability. You need to take sufficient rest and take care of your health and diet to be most productive.

14. Daily Recall

It’s almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep with the day’s tasks running through your head and with you worrying about getting things done the next day. Instead, you could just catalogue what was done that day and make a list of what is pending for the following day. This will ensure that you stop worrying about it and get some rest.

15. Regular Intervals

Give your brain a break. You are not a robot that can function continuously without a break. It could be tempting to work and work until all the tasks on your list are checked off. But if you are tired, your productivity can go down. Take short breaks, and you will find your creativity and focus boosted once you get back to your desk. You will feel energised and get work done faster.

16. Eat Just Enough

Starving yourself is bad not only for your physical health but also mental health. However, overeating is also an issue as it can make you drowsy and lose focus. Eat just enough and get to work. It serves as a fuel for your mind to work well. Don’t keep snacking as it is only a distraction.

17. Stay Positive

Stop comparing yourself to others or how much work they got done. Everyone works at different speeds, and comparison will only harm your self-esteem. Surround yourself with positivity, and you will feel motivated to work. You will fall in love with your work, and your productivity is automatically boosted.

18. Help Someone Else

When you teach someone a concept or help them with a task you are working on, it polishes your technique. You learn better, and the next time you get back to the task, your quality of work improves.

19. Take Notes

That’s right! When you create notes at the moment, the concept or idea is still fresh in your head, and you can plan accordingly for a productive week.

20. Discover Your Purpose:

Ultimately, you need to know what your true purpose is. Without that, there is no point in anything you do. When there is a purpose, you work towards it, and your productivity naturally increases. It gives you the dedication and the push required to keep going.

Apply these hacks right away, and you will love how they impact your productivity. While these tips are quite simple, most of us do not follow them on a regular basis. If done regularly, your productivity will be at its best, and you can work like never before.

About The Author: Nisha is passionate about writing and loves to share her thoughts with the world. She is a regular contributor to StyleCraze.com and a few other websites.